Record 60+% Support Legalizing Marijuana in Two Distinct Polls

A record high number of Americans support legalizing marijuana in two recent polls by Gallup and PEW.

In response to Jeff Sessions Foolishly Targets Pot: 3 Reasons Measure Can't Work, one reader mocked a reference to a poll showing 64% approval for legalization.

The poll is very believable. In fact, there are two such polls, by reputable pollsters. The only groups not in favor of legalizing marijuana are aging "Neanderthals" and self-righteous Evangelicals.

Let take a look at a poll by Gallup and another by Pew.

Gallup - Record-High Support for Legalizing Marijuana Use in U.S.

Gallup Republican Support

Pew - 61% Support Legalization

Pew Partisan and Age Gaps

There is nothing unbelievable about either of the polls although clearly one or the other is wrong about Republicans in general. But Pew has some further believeable breakdowns.

"Among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, those younger than 40 favor legalizing marijuana use, 62% to 38%. Republicans ages 40 to 64 are divided (48% say it should be legal, 49% illegal), while those 65 and older oppose marijuana legalization by more than two-to-one (67% to 30%). "

"Sizable majorities of Democrats and Democratic leaners younger than 40 (79%) and 40 to 64 (70%) favor marijuana legalization. Older Democrats – those 65 and older – are more divided (50% favor legalization, 42% oppose it)."

The aging dinosaurs will soon be gone.

The support for legalizing marijuana is large and growing. Going against such strong public opinion is outright foolish.

And of course the entire was on drugs was a colossal waste of taxpayer money. They should legalize them all.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Mish - I suspect there are two significant economic forces who oppose legalization of marijuana - 1. The folks who sell it illegally for a hefty premium and 2. the law enforcement organizations who get a hefty boost to their budgets to enforce pot laws. Not to mention the religious folks who need vices to rail against to keep their own revenues flowing. What the world really needs is a few less folks who know what the world really needs.

Mike Mish Shedlock
Mike Mish Shedlock


There is a third group. DuPont and Nylon manufacturers. Hemp fibers are very soft. In fact, it was Dupont that was one of the initial requestors to have it outlawed. And what about the ethanol industry. Hemp seeds have a lot of oil. It's a very useful plant.


Point 1: That DuPont theory is highly disputed. Point 2: White evangelicals (at 38%) sure don't like the government forcing gay marriage cake baking on them but apparently have no issue forcing their morality on everyone else.


I must be missing something in the polls above. How many people favor keeping it illegal, but only selectively enforcing it in some places, or at some times? Based on comments against Sessions, there obviously is strong support for that position as well.



I suspect the position of those commenters are more akin to those who don’t particularly care whether there is some ridiculous “law” on some book somewhere, banning gay 64-year olds from driving barefoot on Thursdays, as long as enforcing such “laws” are appropriately neglected.