Rudy Giuliani: "We're Going to Overthrow Iran"

Mike Mish Shedlock

Trumps' Lawyer, Rudy Giuliani raised quite a stir, as well as denials when he made claims of overthrowing Iran.

Reuters reports Trump Lawyer Giuliani Says Iran's Government Will be Overthrown.

I don’t know when we’re going to overthrow them,” said Giuliani, who spoke in his own capacity though he is a Trump ally, at an Iran Uprising Summit held by the Organization of Iranian-American Communities, which opposes Tehran’s government.

It could be in a few days, months, a couple of years. But it’s going to happen,” Giuliani told a crowd at a hotel in Times Square.

That's a curious use of the word "we". It's unclear who Giuliani meant.

Trump’s National Security Adviser John Bolton told Reuters in August that “regime change” in Iran is not American policy. He said the administration wants a massive change in the regime’s behavior.

Another Denial

The New York Post reports Haley Denies Giuliani’s Claim of Iran ‘Revolution’ says U.S. not seeking ‘regime change anywhere’.

> United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley shot down the assertion by President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani that the U.S. was plotting a “successful revolution” in Iran.

> “The United States is not looking to do a regime change in Iran,” Haley told CNN’s “State of the Union.” “We’re not looking to do regime change anywhere.”

> Giuliani told Fox News this spring that North Korea would be releasing three U.S. prisoners – prior to any formal announcement by the State Department.

> Giuliani’s off-the-cuff comments prompted State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert to rebuke Giuliani: “He speaks for himself and not on behalf of the administration on foreign policy,” she said May 7.

On May 9th, just two days after being rebuked, the New York Times reported North Korea Frees American Prisoners, Lifting Hurdle to Nuclear Talks.

It's unclear what, if anything, Giuliani knew then or knows now. Regardless, such talk is very dangerous, as is Trump's hostility towards Iran in the first place.

The UN, EU, and major allies all confirm Iran was honoring the terms of the Iran Nuclear Accord.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Maybe that was someone who just looks like Giuliani. Are the floor plans available?


No surprise if there is an uptick in Iranian associated terrorist attack attempts. There was an attack at an Iranian military parade yesterday and it's likely Iran will look to lash out.

Gilliani has spoken at an unfortunate time whether he means what he says or not. Coincidence?


does Giuliani work for the state department now ?



One of the most advanced, educated and highest standards of living countries in the middle east before the "revolution."

Ever since the islamic theocracy has been in charge, it has brutality, cruel oppression of minorities and destruction of their standards of living.

Is another "revolution" so impossible to think may become a reality?


Very bizarre that the President's lawyer or should I say spokesman would make any statement. Not only is it not appropriate but it muddies the message of what he's there for.

And then there is the issue of whether Rudy Giulliani is lobby for foreign interests and whether he's indicated that. One of Giuliani’s foreign clients that Democratic senators cited is Mujahedin-e-Khalq. Earlier this month, seven Senate Democrats asked the Justice Department to investigate whether President Trump’s lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani, is breaking the law by lobbying for foreign interests without registering as a foreign agent.

So is Rudy lobbying for foreign interests , lobbying to be Secretary of State or merely going off messge. Either way its complete inappropritate considering his role

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