Russia Meddling? Think Israel! Where's the Outrage?

Sec of State Tillerson fired shortly after Israeli PM Netanyahu's visit. The events are related. Where's the outrage?

The idea that a handful of bots, or even thousands of them stole the election for Trump is preposterous yet the howls and witch hunt continues.

Right under our noses is something much worse. Trump taking advice from one of the most corrupt warmongers in the world: Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

On March 5, President Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel met in Washington. With that, Trump’s Hopes of Being the ‘Neutral Guy’ in the Mideast Vanished.

Fruits of Netanyahu's Visit

Today the fruits of that visit are on proud display.

This morning, in a classless act, Trump fired his US Secretary of State via Tweet.

Corruption and Bribery

The Israeli police want Prime Minister Netanyahu's Indicted on corruption and bribery charges.

So here we are, with outrage by Republicans and Democrats alike all fluffed up about meaningless (if it exists at all) Russian interference in the US election.

On something far more important, Trump kowtowing to corrupt foreign influence peddlers, we have complete media silence.

Where's the outrage?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

No. 1-25

Netanyahu may have mixed into U.S. election politics, but he's not been accused of the types of activities the Russians are


Mish, both Trump and Hillary are can be corrupt. Do you believe Trump is less corrupt than your average politician? Your reply sounds defensive. I think it possible that Russia is trying to do anything to undermine our country. I think Putin is legitimately afraid of the ability of the United States interfering in his plans. I think he is like most corrupt politicians,he will do anything to preserve his wealth and power.


So you believe the police blindfolded? Better read some Israeli news before believing all you hear. One thing sure the media together with the opposition are not happy to see Netanyahu run the government, and admit they want and trying to throw him off. The accusations are pathetic and the investigation is full of flaws, and i am not a fan of Netanyahu.


While I have no doubt Netanyahu is a “warmonger,” it’s a little easier to excuse and justify a bit of warmongering when faced with the situation Israel is in, than the one America is in. America could, hence should, just shut down the military, perhaps excepting some strategic retaliation ability and a thin blue line along the borders, tomorrow. Or yesterday. Noone in the US who isn’t in on a related leeching racket, would be any worse off for it. Were Israel to follow that prescription, I do suspect things would get pretty hot for the average Joseph, fairly quickly.

Of course, Netanyahu being somewhat more justified in warmongering than the average American, doesn’t mean any American government has any business involving Americans, nor their tax money, in the warmongering of others. No matter how ostensibly “justified” the latter may be.