San Francisco Airport Lunacy Causing Huge Traffic Congestion

San Francisco does not allow Uber and Lyft to pick up at arrivals. The result is humorous, for those on the outside.

This Tweet caught my eye today.

Let that sink in.

Departure drop offs happen at the arrivals.

Arrival pickups happen at the departure gate.

The poster blames technology for the snafu, but the problem is idiotic airport regulations.

Check out the bureaucratic solution: Two-Tier Pricing for Curbside Drop-Offs.

No one is going to walk around with luggage to save the $3.80 curbside fee.

I saw a Tweet earlier but cannot find it now that said the arrival gate is now low traffic because few want to pay absurd taxi rates. If accurate, arrivals and departures now both happen at departure.


The taxi business is a walking zombie. The best solution is to let it die.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Business travelers will take whatever is most convenient. They just expense the cost. I personally don't mind lugging luggage around. Good exercise. Particularly after being crammed into a seat for many hours.


Rent seekers Spreading chaos as always In Quebec for decades it was illegal to sell yellow margarine. Had to be white. The dairy lobby was "looking out" for the consumer yuk yuk.


Used Uber in Paris last month, very nice, and they do pick up at the regular arrival doors of CDG -- but taxi drivers were clearly annoyed, had one lie to me and say that Uber is not allowed in the airport at all.


Must make sure the Uber driver loses on the deal with the passenger. Otherwise the passenger would be the loser. And must simultaneously make sure the passenger loses, otherwise the driver would lose. That’s economics, as understood by the President of the sole remaining superpower, and his supporters.