San Francisco Mayor Declares State of Emergency, Europe Prepares for Pandemic


Despite no cases, the Mayor of SF declares an emergency. New infections outside China now outpace those inside China.

SF Mayor London Breed Declares Local Emergency Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The city of San Francisco declared on Tuesday a state of emergency even if at the moment there are no confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the area.

"Although there are still zero confirmed cases in San Francisco residents, the global picture is changing rapidly, and we need to step-up preparedness," Breed said in a statement. "We see the virus spreading in new parts of the world every day, and we are taking the necessary steps to protect San Franciscans from harm."

President Trump will hold a news conference on Covid-19 today at 6:00 PM ET.

The global pandemic is spreading: Europe Prepares for Pandemic as Illness Spreads From Italy

New cases of the coronavirus popping up across Europe. Dozens of infections in Iran stoking fears about an uncontrolled spread in the Middle East. Global market jitters continuing after a steep slide. American health authorities warning that it was a matter of when, not if, the epidemic would reach the United States. A toxic political climate in Washington complicating the public health challenge.

For the first time, more new cases were reported outside China than inside, according to the World Health Organization. Chinese officials on Tuesday reported 411 new infections; in the rest of the world, the number was 427. The total number of cases globally has now reached 80,980 and nearly 3,000 have died.

In the European Union, which prides itself on open borders, new cases were recorded in Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece and Spain. Most were tied to Italy, where the authorities have been struggling to contain an outbreak that has infected at least 325 people, most of them in the north near Milan.

Hotels in Austria, France and the Canary Islands of Spain were locked down this week after guests tested positive for the virus or were suspected of having it. The steps to limit contagion differed from place to place, but large group gatherings were often the first things to be canceled where the virus had been detected.

Coronavirus Cases by Country

News Updates

The U.S. CDC yesterday suggested that the risk of a coronavirus pandemic is likely and is alerting the public to begin preparing for community spread in the United States.

Dr. Anne Schuchat, the CDC's principal deputy director declared: "It's not a question of if. It's a question of when and how many people will be infected."

Chart and updates from Worldometers.

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FIFY...Despite no KNOWN cases, the Mayor of SF declares an emergency...

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I'm a retired high school and community college history teacher and I can't help but be reminded of the Spanish Flu pandemic. Except this is faster, in that we're now dealing with intercontinental jet travel rather than steam ship.

History unfolding before us.


By declaring the emergency she probably gets access to resources she would not otherwise have. I think its an abuse but Presidents , this one included have declared fake national emergencies to get stuff accomplished. Once one person mis-uses the term why shouldn't everyone


Ive stated this before, China is between a rock and a hard place. Not getting the economy going will itself turn into a disaster and getting the economy going from my 2 cents will result in the whole country's hospitals being overwhelmed.

Pick your poison. I have seen some statements of its a balancing act to somehow have a controlled pandemic. Using that analogy, its like having 500 lb weights at the very ends and one small misstep results in one weight falling off.

Don't really know what the CFR Case Fatality Ratio is but it will definitely be higher with an overrun medical system.

Im wondering how other governments react? quarantines, let it runs its course?

And again will summer have any impact on the rate of infection?

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If China is under-reporting its numbers and things are far worse than we can imagine, I wonder if China in its present political configuration will survive. You're right Roadrunner, they are in an unwinnable situation. Hmmm, but every current government is a convenient target. If this thing gets out of control, we might see a lot of changes in a lot of places.


China is absolutely lying about its numbers. I did a screen shot of numbers for Chinese provinces outside of Hubei on 2/20 5:43 am - so in 6 days these are the changes in total cases:
Gunagdong 1332 --> 1347 +15
Henan 1265-->1272 +7
Zheziang 1175-->1205 +30
Hunan 1010-->1017 +7
Anhui 987-->989 +2
Jiangxi 934-->934 +0
Shandong 546-->756 +210 (maybe this is true?)
Jiangsu 631-->631 +0
Chongqing 560-->576 +16
So either China is much better at catching ALL the cases, the contact tracing etc, or people are too afraid to go in to get tested or most likely they are just lying because they know people need to get back to work. If people aren't working, the society will revolt, government will collapse the CCP will lose their power. It's a conscious decision.
Based on doubling times they would need to catch more than 99% of the cases. Doubtful to say the least.


Over the long run, if the virus becomes endemic, quarantines are not viable. Not in China, nor anywhere else.


No cases in San Francisco, but the first case in the US was discovered just south in Santa Clara, better known as the Silicon Valley.

Plus with the large Asian population in the city, the chances of someone having it already is pretty high.


Corona Virus is mostly a fecal virus.

White man sanitation good, as stated by Mr. Karl Denninger. Might be racist, but good! 57 cases less 19 from the cruise ship incubator total real cases 38! Nobody has died yet! Percentage of deaths higher than regular flu!  Not good! Deaths will drop as we acclimate and develop resistance to it! It is pretty virulent not over the top like the media wants you to believe! However overall death rate much lower than SARS, Zika and Ebola! So far so good in the USA, keep your fingers crossed! Homeless escapements could be another problem, SF, New York, LA, Etc. and other large cities. EDUCATE THESE PEOPLE AND GIVE THEM PORTABLE TOILETS, HAND WASHING STATIONS, GARBAGE BINS, ETC. The might use them since it has become a life and death situation.

Where sanitation is not good the virus is flourishing, that is most of the world unfortunately!

Wash you hands and practice good sanitation!

It is good Trump started moving the supply chain home! we will adapt quickly, you mark my word.

Mish has done an excellent job on covering this viral attack!


Media sensationalism at it's finest. Why don't they add in the 25% of the population of adults in the USA have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease going up to 33% soon.


well the prez will speak shortly , rather than emphasize the proactive measures he could/has taken he will downplay the severity of this bug and maybe jawbone the markets upward. Rush L today also joined in the "its not so bad" chorus. Has stock market valuations preempted public safety? I want to see a proactive action plan . F wall street.


The single case in Romania reported today was in Italy THREE WEEKS ago! Which suggests the virus was present and being shared in Italy the early part of February. Food for thought...


i was thinking about the wall and appropriating funds intended by congress for other uses.


The die is cast, now. Trump and the Republicans made a massive bet that then can contain this, and prevent it from spreading in the US. If it does spread, expect a Democrat in the White House, with a 2/3 majority in both houses for at least a dozen years. I just don't know why they wouldn't act like they care, even if they don't. It makes no sense to make such a huge stake on such a risky bet.


This is the problem. A response to pandemic just doesn't happen. It's something the CDC, DHS and others draw up plans and revise on a continuous basis. It must be routinely rehearsed to make sure everyone knows the routine , what to do and if anything needs to be updated. Trump has decimated staffing. Sure he's accepting money from Congress, put Pence in charge and there are still some good people at the CDC but Trump has ensured that our response will not be optimal.


With the US soaring poverty an homeless rate,just need one person to catch the virus, could literally infirm an entire city ,maybe the whole state!

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