So Al Gore.s billionaire mates, want all the poor, hard working people to help out to save their playground full of private jets, mega yachts, 10-50 cars, 3-99 summer/winter , Tuesday and Saturday holiday / investment homes to start being more Eco friendly.... So I ask, what are they going to do... Heres a free AL.....give me 80 % og my wages, for life, and you can have my old Mazda 1999 that I need to get to work 62 km twice a day, and then I can use my bicycle and occasionally use an under payed Uber taxi for the heavy shopping trips. free idea 2. STOP formula 1 racing / le mans 24 hours and other unnecessary " jobs". Every dollar spent has first used resources to make and save up,for a rainy day and then again when its spent on something, incl donations which must be spent on something.

I hereby conclude, that it is the RICH that are the problem.

here in Denmark, it only took a week / preplanned more likely ) for the goverment to annouce that no petrol or diesel can be registered by 2030... I wonder who controls the battery market to supply 1-2 billion electric cars...hmmm I smell a rat.!!