Students Say They Prefer White Male Professors: We Cannot Allow That, Can We?

The University of California, Berkeley lets students evaluate professors. The University does not like the results.

Campus Reform reports Berkeley Prof Wants to Nix Student Evals After White Male Profs Score Higher.

A University of California, Berkeley professor suggested scrapping end-of-semester student evaluations for hiring, promotion, and tenure decisions after claiming that the grades and evaluations are biased against female instructors and people of color.

“Over the next few weeks, students will get the chance to evaluate their professors and TAs. They’re going to get it wrong,” UC Berkeley history professor Brian DeLay tweeted on Sunday. “They’ll be harder on women and people of color than on white men. Tenured white male faculty, in particular, should help their students understand this.”

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"I Know Better"

There you have it. Let's not ask students what they want because "I, Brian DeLay, know the students will get it wrong."

Bear in mind, this is after constant hounding of students, virtual elimination of freedom of speech on campuses, and the creation of "safe zones" etc., where saying anything against women, people of color, gays, lesbians, transgenders is not tolerated.

I suggest, the students are indeed biased, but in the reverse manner that know-it-alls like Brian DeLay suggest.

For the record, one of the best professors I had in college was Ms. Tong, an Asian lady who taught calculus. I suspect she would have blown away the ratings of the other math teachers.

There was no one in that class who had anything but complete respect for her.

It is the height of arrogance for DeLay to tell students that he knows they are biased and wrong.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Or maybe, simply, affirmative action hires don't make the best professors.

Wonder how past students of Elizabeth Warren feel on her teaching skills.


At a campus where half the students are Asian.....


The US, Canada and north-west Europe are so screwed. No amount of economic reforms will help when the founder population is demonized and eventually replaced by low performers based on oppression ratings.

Runner Dan
Runner Dan

Who will work harder to keep their job, a tenured professor or non-tenured? Perhaps the study reveals discrimination in awarding tenured positions.

Better yet, make all teaching positions non-tenured with employment contracts renewed yearly based, in part, on student evaluations and the teacher’s salary requirements. Immigrant teachers encouraged to apply, of course!


I filled out these evaluations 30 years ago at UCLA. I never once thought about the TA or professors' race or gender. I recall having numerous female professors and TA's, and a fair number of minorities, though many fewer. My wife went on to TA in grad school at UCLA and actually still has her evaluations. She's also a minority and never thought the evaluations were biased in any particular way based on gender or race. Ironically, both of her minority parents were tenured college professors at a Cal State University. One received a Teacher of the Year award based on student evaluations. Good thing they didn't teach at an oppressive and backward place like Berkeley.

We had a good laugh over this post. More virtue signalling and "we know better than you" nonsense.