Stunning Anti-Trump, Anti-Kavanaugh Media Bias on Full Display

The WSJ, Wa-Po, NYT, and FT all have not covered a blockbuster "Who Did It" revelation on the Kavanaugh accusation. Why?

At 2:51 PM, September 20, 2018, Ed Whelan, a distinguished columnist and lawyer, posted an amazing set of Tweets regarding false memories of Christine Ford in regards to her accusations against Brett Kavanaugh.

I compiled the synopsis in my post Kavanaugh: Overwhelming Evidence of Mistaken Identity.


  1. Wall Street Journal: No Comment
  2. Washington Post: No Comment
  3. New York Times: No Comment
  4. Financial Times: No Comment
  5. CNN: No Comment
  6. Reuters: No Comment
  7. BBC: No Comment
  8. LA Times: No Comment

Many of the above outlets are willing to post the latest garbage rumors on anything.

Here, with amazing evidence and home interior images, no one is willing to touch the story.

This shows blatant, anti-Trump, Anti-Kavanaugh bias and/or fear of the /#MeToo Movement.

The above organizations do not have to agree with the story, but to deny it by ignoring it is nonsense.

In the sake of fairness, they owe it to Kavanaugh to present Whalen's case.

They are either biased liars or cowards to fail to report this story especially when they produce so much totally unverified garbage about Russia and other topics.

Unlike BS Russia rumors, Whalen provides stunning evidence as opposed to conjuncture.

What we see smacks totally of purposeful media bias against Trump and Kavanaugh, possibly coupled with a /#MeToo backlash.

Update - Media Bias NBC

Update - Media Bias MSNBC

Mainstream media is willing to replicate proven lies, but not even comment on a masterful piece of investigative reporting.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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I'm not surprised at all. Saddened, but not surprised.


Sounds reasonable. Democrats want to delay, delay hoping to win the senate and not confirming a judge till after 2020.


War imminent in Syria/Iran - MSM response: "0". The above is just a distraction. Unconfirmed news: Russia declares Syria as a no fly zone. MSM response: Another big fat "0".

Mike Mish Shedlock
Mike Mish Shedlock


I had two people tell me they unbookmarked me on Twitter because of my "Trump bias".

Because of my Trade posts, I have a couple people here accusing me of being "Anti-Trump"

I do not give a damn about political parties. I am position-based.


The lies have already succeeded. According to latest WSJ poll, "Nomination Faces Growing Opposition." I am sure it will have an impact on midterms. MSM is complicit in the slander.