Stunning Anti-Trump, Anti-Kavanaugh Media Bias on Full Display

The WSJ, Wa-Po, NYT, and FT all have not covered a blockbuster "Who Did It" revelation on the Kavanaugh accusation. Why?

At 2:51 PM, September 20, 2018, Ed Whelan, a distinguished columnist and lawyer, posted an amazing set of Tweets regarding false memories of Christine Ford in regards to her accusations against Brett Kavanaugh.

I compiled the synopsis in my post Kavanaugh: Overwhelming Evidence of Mistaken Identity.


  1. Wall Street Journal: No Comment
  2. Washington Post: No Comment
  3. New York Times: No Comment
  4. Financial Times: No Comment
  5. CNN: No Comment
  6. Reuters: No Comment
  7. BBC: No Comment
  8. LA Times: No Comment

Many of the above outlets are willing to post the latest garbage rumors on anything.

Here, with amazing evidence and home interior images, no one is willing to touch the story.

This shows blatant, anti-Trump, Anti-Kavanaugh bias and/or fear of the /#MeToo Movement.

The above organizations do not have to agree with the story, but to deny it by ignoring it is nonsense.

In the sake of fairness, they owe it to Kavanaugh to present Whalen's case.

They are either biased liars or cowards to fail to report this story especially when they produce so much totally unverified garbage about Russia and other topics.

Unlike BS Russia rumors, Whalen provides stunning evidence as opposed to conjuncture.

What we see smacks totally of purposeful media bias against Trump and Kavanaugh, possibly coupled with a /#MeToo backlash.

Update - Media Bias NBC

Update - Media Bias MSNBC

Mainstream media is willing to replicate proven lies, but not even comment on a masterful piece of investigative reporting.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

No. 1-16

Mish, looks like rare case of media not spreading vicious speculation from a devout biased conservative who did not witness the sexual assault. Dude finds a photo with similar look and accuses that guy of a crime. Kind of out there, and he himself has apologized.

You have gone from not favoring Kav due to "misinterpreting" his stance on Roe Wade and sensitivities over that with your wife (my recollection of your article here) to now rapid fire knee jerk support of whatever is necessary to install Kav in SC ASAP. What drives your bizarre turnaround?

What is the hurry with you and Repubs? Mitch McConnel said 9 months was not enough time to review Merrick. Kavanaugh was nominated just 2 1/2 months ago. Why the double standard?

Ron Cataldi
Ron Cataldi

" PR firm helped Whelan stoke half-baked Kavanaugh alibi

CRC Public Relations, a powerhouse conservative firm, guided Ed Whelan on a bad Twitter adventure."

And rubes like Mish swallowed the bait hook, line, and sinker. Sad.


Signal to Noise. It is said that during World War II, even the Germans listened to the BBC because it had such a strong reputation for accurate reporting, even when things were going badly for the Brits. And the Brits took advantage of this hard-won reputation for BBC accuracy by very occasionally inserting a piece of disinformation into their otherwise-accurate reporting. High Signal to Noise.

That was then. Today, no thinking person has much trust in reporting by the BBC or the NYT or any of the other "mainstream" outlets -- the Signal to Noise (or rather, to politically correct lecturing) ratio is too low. It is fascinating in airports to see so few people in that captive audience paying any attention to the omni-present 24/7 CNN broadcasts.

Strange that in a world where communication has never been easier, information is getting harder to find. I think Mish does a good job of flagging things that are worth knowing about. It makes it well worth coming to Mish's blog -- even though I disagree with Mish's assessment of certain issues.


Pravda on the Potomoc, Izvestia on the Hudson. Now the Communists are actually fascist billionaires and their buddies. (Hmmm - analogous?) Maybe this time there is something going on behind the scenes that is so dangerous (nooses) to their "deep" state merger that they need to do ANYTHING to stop any Supreme's appointment.

I'm actually surprised the evil Dems aren't proffering pics of Kavanaugh porking Pepe in Kekistan. Perhaps the Dem circle jerk audience are so geriatric they wouldn't get it?

All they have to do is stop the nomination, and their Pop-up-Bimbo can go home with a few hundred g's after her 15 minutes and be forgotten. And the Continuing Circus restarts after the sElection, when the Dems and their Full Spectrum Dominance Election Fraud and apathetic Fredocons will have saved the day. Or not.


Whelen has now back-tracked and apologized, calling his tweets a huge error in judgment.