Tesla's Executive Departure List: Bailing the Sinking Ship

Mark B. Spiegel at Stanphyl Capital sent me a list of Tesla executive departures. The list was compiled by Jim Chanos.

If you are interested in TSLA's Executive Departure List with timings and notes by Jim Chanos, just click on that link.​

Here's an Email note from Mark

You can credit me via Jim Chanos, who has his guys maintain it. Chanos recently said in an interview that the only other companies he's seen with departure lists like this one were Enron and Valeant.



My Comments

The file came as a PDF with lots of extra blank lines. I reformatted it as an Excel spreadsheet, but you can open it up in Google Docs and export it however you want, or just view it as is.

Executive Departure Count by Year

  • 2016: 17
  • 2017: 23
  • 2018: 19 (so far)

It seems the rats are bailing the ship in increasing numbers.

In case you missed it, here is the spontaneous no-crash fire.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Based on Mark B Spiegel, Montana Skeptic and some other short seller tweets on Twitter it is very obvious that they are the ones who are in desperate position here and are "crying fraud" where is none. They are massively underwater with their TSLA short position.

Feel sorry for you, Mish, that you have fallen for their propoganda and have converted Mish Talk as a medium for them to amplify their message in one sided manner.

Since Tesla has been on hiring spree for the last years, then it is not fair to compare nominal 2016 and 2018 "Executive Departure Count" numbers. You would have to normalize those numbers over total executives working at Tesla that year. And even then you can't distuinguish the case whether executive departures mean that Tesla is "trimming down the fat" or whether those departures mean that something shady is going on at Tesla and "rats are fleeing a sinking ship".

When you repost tweets from Mark B Spiegel I think it would be fair for you to put a disclosure for your readers that he is short TSLA. Some of your readers may not know that.

P.S. For full disclosure I am long Tesla.


That is one of the most common strawman arguments the shortsellers use; And then anti-establishment sheeps like you repeat.

So I will ask you - what are similarities between Elon Musk anf Elizabeth Holmes?

Did Elizabeth Holmes have company with a comparable product to Falcon Heavy reusable rockets (which have HUGE profits per launch) or Tesla Model S/X (which are by the way profitable EVs if you subtract unrelated to product CapEx and OpEx expenses)?