Thank You, President Trump! Troop Reduction in Afghanistan, Pulling Out of Syria

Kudos to Trump, twice. There's a big troop reduction in Afghanistan and he is pulling all troops out of Syria.

Assuming he does not change his mind, kudos to Trump, twice.

Bring the Troops Home!

Thank You President Trump!

I am truly sick of partisan politics. The Democrats will never admit when Trump does anything good, and vice versa.

Warmongers United

Afghanistan? Iraq? Isn't 17 years enough? What the hell did we even accomplish?

The fact remains, we should not have been there in the first place. ISIS is a US creation caused by an asinine war in Iraq that should never have happened.

Defense Secretary Resigns

In response to Trump's pullout in Syria, defense secretary Mattis resigned.

Proving that many on the Left are nothing but creepy warmongers as well, Alex Ward and Jen Kirby writing for the Vox claim James Mattis, the last “adult” in the Trump administration, resigns as defense secretary.

“I’d rather have Jim Mattis in the room than not in the room,” Leon Panetta, one of former President Obama’s defense secretaries, told Vox in March, nearly 10 months before Mattis’s ouster. “His legacy will be he fought the good battle. But because of the nature of the president, it was one he couldn’t win.”

Personally, I's rather all the warmongers go the way of McCain, as soon as possible. It is especially sickening to see Left-Wing warmongers.

I stand with Rand. Kudos to Trump!

Next Step

Dear President Trump, bring all of our troops home, from Germany, Japan, everywhere.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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"Personally, I's rather all the warmongers go the way of McCain, as soon as possible."

Me too! In fact, Americans should vote down any politician who advocates going to war. Beats me how they cannot see that the decision of such war advocates (of fighting someone else's war) just puts their life on the line for a cause they might not be concerned about. Time for citizens to wake up.


Translation: Northrup Grumman and Lockhead Martin have paid us big time to keep these wars going, puff puff give, stop fucking up the rotation.


Trump actually tweeted something sensible. I'm stunned, and pleased.


Trump deserves the Nobel peace prize. Unlike his predecessor, Trump decimated ISIS and is making progress in resolving N Korea nuclear crisis.


Lindsey Graham's tweet is an endorsement of never ending war. The "facts" on the ground will never justify withdrawal in the view of people like him. If 17 years, thousands of lives, and trillions of dollars can't contain one of the poorest countries in the world, declare victory and come home. What will change over the next 17 years? Will Afghani's suddenly believe in liberal democracy? When will 9/11 stop being the excuse for shoveling money down the military-industrial complex drain?

Tell the locals to run themselves as they see fit. If any local leader or group is connected to terrorism against the US, we'll be coming to get that individual or group. Barring that, they should be left alone to govern themselves.