The Case For and Against a US Sponsored Regime Change in Iran

Trump is 'Committed' to Iran Regime Change, says Rudy Giuliani. What's the case?

President Trump's lawyer and confidant, Rudy Giuliani, says Trump 'Committed' to Iran Regime Change.

Allegedly, the ''only way to achieve Mideast peace is with a regime change in Iran".

Case For US Sponsored Regime Change

There is none.

As with the Gulf of Tonkin resolution in Vietnam, as with taking out Saddam Hussein because of Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction, as with taking out Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, there is no case.

It's all lies. Even if you are foolish enough to think this is not another pack of lies, here's a pertinent Tweet.

Case Against US Sponsored Regime Change

Tim Kaine's pertinent Tweet is sufficient in and of itself. That's the beauty of it. But we can safely add.

  • Look at Vietnam
  • Look at Iraq
  • Look at Libya
  • Look at Afghanistan
  • Look at Ukraine

Five clear failures. And there are many more. In 1953, the US and Great Britain engineered a coup against Iran's democratically elected prime minister Mohammad Mosaddeq.

The reason: Mosaddeq threatened to nationalize Iran's oil industry. The CIA Now Admits Its Role in the 1953 Iranian coup.

Years later, the coup backfired and led to the Iranian Revolution.

Question of Trust

Why should Iran trust the US? Actually, Iran would be crazy to trust the US.

Iran can see the destruction the US caused in Iraq. Iran can also look at North Korea and see the advantages of having a bomb.


Iran had no role in 911. Saudi nationals, our alleged friends, were behind 911.

Libya Hellhole

Libya is a hellhole now that Gaddafi is gone. Al Qaeda, ISIS and terrorists control the country.

Iraq Results

After the US took out Saddam Hussein, a power vacuum formed. ISIS arose out of that power vacuum. Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair now admits Iraq War Led to Creation of Isis.

ISIS is behind the mess in Syria, and US meddling helped destroy Syria as well.

Nation Building a Disaster

US Nation Building has been a disaster every time. And here we go again.

And once again, it's all a pack of lies.

The US has wasted trillions of dollars fighting nonsensical wars and the only thing we have to show for it is more enemies. There is no case for a US sponsored regime change in Iran.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Iran would be a far bigger mess than Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, and Libya since it has tens of millions more people than any of those countries. Not only that, what happens in Iran indirectly involves Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen (possibly Azerbaijan and Bahrain too). It would be an epic cluster.

The fact that Iran and the Shia are fighting ISIS and the other Sunni extremist groups, along with us doing these regime changes for short-sighted, cynical reasons, is just icing on the cake.

Astounding how fast Trump has evolved from the peace candidate into a belligerent psychopath.


This is just more Washington Neo-Con delusional insanity. There is no way on Earth that the US and its "allies" have the means to actually effect regime change in Iran. Iran though (like Russia), will be vilified and remain persona non grata to the US a
s long as they refuse to "play ball" with Uncle Sam.


But, but, but... what will Nutty-yahu do without our help? learn how to get along with others and abandon his apartheid policies. Moving AIPAC and the ADL to the bottom on the Atlantic
Ocean would get my vote.


Persia and the west have been vying to 'change regimes' on each other since The battle of Marathon, 490 b.c. The planet has shrunk dramatically in the 2508 years since Marathon, but it's still populated with idiots in high places.


hey mish, how about an essay about the time you jumped on board the fake news story about Hillary Clinton having a degenerative brain disease, and then contrast that with your silence on reports that Trump has been writing his own medical reports?