The Chicoms are on a mission. And that mission is for the Communist party to stay in power and achieve greatness for China. They have to look strong; save "face". It's all about the Middle Kingdom reasserting itself after hundreds of years of groveling to westerners. They have a long-term plan to do this and the next 40-50 years is just a little while to them. In the 1970's, someone asked Zhou Enlai (Premier under Mao) what he thought about the French Revolution of the 1789. He said, "It's too early to tell".

If that is your goal, you will do whatever it takes to make it happen. Right now, it's stealing intellectual property, forcing companies doing business in China to have a Chinese partner and turn over their processes and trade secrets. It means controlling the South China Sea (the 9 dash line). It means taking over Taiwan by whatever means necessary. If that's war, so be it. Why do you think they are militarizing the islands, even though they promised Obama they wouldn't? To prevent the US Navy from defending Taiwan.

They have hundreds of thousands of Chinese spies working in Silicone valley and studying at our universities. They are infiltrating our schools by sponsoring classes in Mandarin. They are buying real estate and technology companies around the world and in this country.

Virtually every country in Asia has a large cadre of Chinese citizens who have been there for many years, building businesses, intermarrying with the locals, etc. All of them owe loyalty and allegiance to Greater China and when the time comes for the Communist party to utilize them for China's purposes, they will fall in line or their relatives in China will suffer.

It's all part of the master plan. If you think Donald Trump, real estate speculator and TV showman can deal with these people who are infinitely smarter, more experienced in negotiating at this level and more adept at taking what they want when they want it, you are sadly mistaken.

All Trump is interested in is tweeting anything that will drive up the stock market, and the market players need the sugar high from his tweets to stay afloat.


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