The narrow trade deal requiring little from China makes them the big winner. Given China's insistence that structural reforms remain "off the table" a so-called narrow deal, with punitive tariffs eliminated in return for greater Chinese purchases of soybeans and LNG amounts to a total victory for Beijing.

Remember nothing is yet carved in stone but after the latest "positive statements" were made it is beginning to give us a glimpse of where things are headed. Given China needs both these products they are by far the big winners in these talks. More on this subject in the article below.

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This was a deal China was always willing to make. Buy more agriculture to placate Trump. The real issue was always theft of intellectual capital which isn't even discussed. Yea Trump caved. Fine with me since he the tariffs were hurting this country just as much as it was hurting China. Trump muddied the waters by trying to make this about a the trade imbalance. Wages in China were going up anyway. Market forces would have addressed much of this. American agriculture is very competitive. It was always in China's interest to purchase our goods, just like its in our interest to purchase solar panels from China, especially if China is stupid enough to subsidize it. Trump probably got nervous seeing GDP numbers trending down. With 2020 approaching he felt vulnerable. More so because of his Ukraine fiasco