The US Desperately Needs a Good Politician. I Found One!

We need politicians who are clear, concise, articulate, well-educated, and correct. I found one. Alas, he's from the UK.

Please consider this video clip of UK MP Jacob William Rees-Mogg. He slammed Theresa May with a letter of no confidence then fielded questions from the public.

Rees-Mogg was clear, articulate, and accurate. Like Ron Paul he is a free trade advocate. And he clearly supports the rule of law.

Unlike Ron Paul, he was not boring, nor did he drone on endlessly in a whiny voice.

He was ready for every question and not once did he over-react.

I would vote for Rees-Mogg for President or Prime Minister.

Alas. Neither can happen.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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He is also a very productive family man since he has 6 kids.

Only minus Rees-Mogg has is that he is completely against abortion since he is a catholic and for the same reason of being a catholic he is a bit iffy when it comes to LGBT rights. However he has said he would not try to change abortion legistlation in the UK because he thinks most people support abortion legistlation as is.

When it comes to politicians knowing what they are talking about the crazy socialist Labour leader Corbyn just admitted he has NOT read the whole 585 page monstrosity that is the May Brexit deal and the UK press is slamming Corbyn for that.

Maybe UK Press should ask Prime Minister May whether she has read the 585 page deal?

I am 100% sure that May herself has NOT even read the Brexit deal she let ex-communist Olly Robbins negotiate with EU bureaucrat Barnier.

Previous Brexit minister Raab that resigned at disgust toward the May Brexit deal has also told UK Media that even though he was involved in negotiations many things just appeared in the drafts that he opposed and he did not know who added them.

May needs to resign or be voted out internally by Tories and replaced with someone more competent.

Mike Mish Shedlock
Mike Mish Shedlock


JL, anyone... do you know the answer to this: Are there two "vote of no confidence" procedures? One by the entire parliament and one from within like threatened now or does only the party in power get to request one? Is there a case where the entire parliament votes? Some of the wording I have seen is so conflicting. I am not sure I understand the rules.

This too is confusing

So is this

The last time a sitting Prime Minister lost a vote of no confidence was in 1979 when Labour leader James Callaghan lost by one vote. This was a different kind of no confidence motion because it was a Commons vote on the Government rather than just a party vote on its leader.

How does a "Commons Vote happen"? Could DUP leaving the coalition trigger one?


Keep searching, Mish. Rees Mogg's first job out of Oxford was as a banker at the Rothschild Group. His whole career outside politics has been in investment banking. Are we really claiming we're facing a troubling shortage of fabulously wealthy bankers, that their views are underrepresented in politics?

He's not all bad, like his criticism of the effort to oust Assad in Syria, but he's still a banker and maintains close ties there. Where's his criticism of the BoE or artificially low interest rates? If we're going this route, just hand the keys to 10 Downing to Mark Carney and be done with it.


Read his fathers books. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.


Sure hope the Tories don't go with blowhard Boris.