Theresa May Compared to Trump: May Implodes in Parliament Speech


When it comes to European Politics it's important to not rule out a deal until it happens. But signs point that way now.

Theresa May totally blew it today in front of UK parliament and the British nation.

May blamed MPs, the public, and the man in the moon so to speak for her disastrous and piss poor negotiating tactics.

The Guardian reports Theresa May Says High Time MPs Vote for Her Deal.

Highlights At a Glance

  1. The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, announced earlier tonight that the EU will only back a short extension of the 29 March Brexit deadline if Theresa May’s withdrawal deal passes in parliament next week, which many believe makes a no-deal exit from the bloc more likely.
  2. Jeremy Corbyn walked out of a meeting with opposition leaders the PM had invited to because Chuka Umunna, who left Labour to form The Independent Group last month, was in attendance. The Labour leader’s snub has earned substantial criticism.
  3. Theresa May held a short speech at Downing Street this evening, after unsuccessfully trying to have a constructive meeting with Brexiter MPs she hoped to swing. In her speech, the PM pointed the finger at MPs and blamed parliament for the delay in reaching a decision. It has not been well-received, to say the least: Several Labour MPs have since accused May of having stirred up hatred towards members of parliament with her remarks.
  4. A number of MPs and pundits have said they believe May has probably gambled away any chance of receiving renewed support for her deal by blaming MPs alone for the deadlock. Hell knows what’s next.

Brexit Blame Game

Who On Earth is Advising Her?

That is the question of the day even though the answer is obvious: No one.

Theresa May has listened to no one for two years.

May vs Trump

Theresa May has the second-most top personnel changes in the world in the past two years, topped only by President Trump.

Their outward styles are vastly different but they are from the same mold internally.

  1. It's my way. I don't give a damn what you think.
  2. It's your fault for anything that goes wrong. I accept no responsibility.
  3. Blame everyone else so much that a deal becomes impossible.

Self-Assessed Know-It-All Personalities

Theresa May and Donald Trump are both arrogant, self-professed know-it-all personalities. Neither has the capability to listen to anyone but themselves.

This is not obvious at first glance because their outward appearances are vastly different.

Curiously, if it turns out there is indeed a no-deal Brexit, May will at least have take actions that will serve the UK well in the long run. The same cannot be said for Trump's tariffs.

But don't count on it yet. It ain't over till it's over.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

No. 1-11

Former-communist Olly Robbins is the person who is advising May, It was Olly Robbins also that was sent to negotiate the Brexit "deal" by May against EU's Barnier and everything that could be ruined in the deal was ruined in the deal. The Brexit ministers David Davis and Raab were there just for show and complained civil service aka Olly Robbins were running things.

The funny thing is that May's deal is NOT Brexit it just gives UK couple more years of a temporary arrangement to continue to negotiate with EU for a permanent relationship while tying UK's hands behind it's back through the backstop which would enable EU to trap UK to be tied to EU until EU likes the deal UK gives it once the backstop comes in force.

May reminds me of Trump but the way they remind each other is that May is NOT very intelligent and tries to hide this by NOT speaking when presented info and ideas and afterwards May asks Olly Robbins what UK and May should do.

Likewise after 2 years of Trump NOT getting even 1 mile of his wall (some fencing replacements do not count) and wasting every chance he had to get the wall money by first giving Koch Brothers and donor class their massive tax cuts championed by Ayn-randian Paul Ryan and then signing massive Omnibus in early 2018 full of goodies and pet projects for Democrats I have decided that Trump is too stupid to think for himself and he has bad advisers around him and I checked who is the legislative director for Trump Whitehouse responsible for what Trump tries to get through and it is Shahira Knight a former Koch Brothers lobbyist and Koch Brothers are billionaires wanting open borders and mass-amnesty so no wonder Trump gets nothing done.

Furthermore Pence and Mulvaney have also been funded by Koch Brothers thru their political careers so Trump f*cked up those staff choices too and apparently Trump picks staff based on who is a**-kissing him the best hence Jared and Ivanka hang around with Pence and Mulvaney and nothing gets done apart from PR run by another Koch Brothers lobbyist Mercedes Schlapp.

Trump also did a Merkel by first letting Bambi Jeff Sessions (who recused himself like an incompetent douchebag after being told by Obama era DOJ officials he should (was NOT required under law) and thereby enabling the witch-hunt about non-existent russian collusion) start his immoral and inhumane child separation at the border (OK, Obama started it first but Sessions turbo-boosted it 10 times) and then signed an executive order stopping it on TV thereby telling everyone in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua that they could come with their kids to USA.

Trump's next Merkel act has been to tell on TV how low US unemployment is and how USA desperately needs to import workers (to stop the current wage growth and push down wages) OK. Trump wants to bring legal immigrants (which USA does not really need) but the illegals see that on TV and think "I better get to USA, there's work there and if I bring my kids I get thru the border, Let's go"

Cuurently over 100,000 illegal immigrants are coming per month and with this rate the Bush 2000 record will be Broken and Trump will allow into 1+ million illegal immigrants in 2019 and allow them to pass their credible fear stage with some BS about gang threats back home and then be catch and released and disappear into USA.

If Trump had a clue he would tell Mexico they need to STOP the illegal immigrants in Mexico and either give them asylum or residence permit in Mexico or return them back to their home countries and have police STOP people giving the migrants rides in Mexico towards USA, fine the drivers heavily and put everyone caught on a bus and drive them back to southern Mexico or Trump will cancel the current NAFTA and the planned USMCA trade deal (NAFTA 2.0). It boggles the mind why this kind of language was not negotiated to be part of the USMCA when it was negotiated by trade-geek Lighthizer.

Now Mexico has even been giving migrants temporary residence permits to travel through Mexico to USA border and the incompetent Kirstjen Nielsen at DHS has NOT even instructed DHS to NOT take asylum applications from people who have a temporary residence permit in Mexico. USA could under international law NOT take an asylum application from migrants who have a temporary residence permit in Mexico but apparently the incompetent DHS is NOT even checking this and Trump is crying for new asylum laws despite Trump being able to STOP the illegal immigrants completely if he just had a clue and knew what he was doing and the same for Kirstjen Nielsen and DHS.

Trump will be a one term president...


I am glad POTUS is DJ Trump and not the likes of May or Merkel.


As far as advising her, she's a modern politician. She needs to get paid and not upset her masters after she is no longer the PM. Guns and booze, insurance and trade. The future scares the .... out of me.


perhaps a musical tribute edifying May's vacillations is in order . Should I stay or should I go . To wit:



There will not be a referendum. Forget it. It's the least likely option. Hell, the discussion may not come up at all.