Trump Blames Everyone but Himself for Business Slowdown


Trump chastised poor corporate management and the Fed once again for what ails businesses.

Trump Blames Companies

The Wall Street Journal reports Trump Says Companies, Not Trade Policies, to Blame for Business Setbacks

The comments on Twitter come as more U.S. businesses and farmers say they are suffering amid the prolonged U.S.-China trade war, ahead of a new round of tariffs set to take effect Sunday. When Mr. Trump was asked by reporters late Friday about whether the U.S. would go ahead with the tariffs, he responded: “They’re on.”

Dear Farmers

Farmers have taken on too much debt, but Trump's policies have unquestionably made matters much worse for them.

Trump Translated: Don't Blame Me

"Don't blame me! I don't ever do anything wrong"

Who's to Blame?

There is plenty of blame to go around.

  1. The Fed blew three consecutive economic bubbles by keeping rates too low too long yet again.
  2. Beggar-thy-neighbor global currency wars
  3. Trump's seriously misguided tariffs.
  4. Global fiscal stimulus policies
  5. Global central banks policies
  6. Demographics

Apportion that blame however you like.

But please note that Trump is demanding more of point number one despite the consequences. Trump also wants the Fed to entertain point number two.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Aside from omitting himself, he is dead on!

Which has to count as pretty fly for that orange haired guy!


Well I must say no one better qualified to recognize bad management that a guy who bankrupts most of his own business. So there is that...


"Trump's seriously misguided tariffs"

are the result of seriously misguided China policy which resulted in the destruction of 10's of thousands of U.S. factory operations and the jobs that went with them. China is now a rapidly rising empire.

BOE"s Mark Carney recently commented that low interest rates lead to crisis and war. Going negative, rates are the lowest in 5,000 years. Fourth Turning wars are major wars and it feels as if things are building up to that result.


....of course he is not to blame .... the FED and other CBrs are, for continuously disrupting healthy business cycles in order to desperately keep the cheap debt, rat race going ; the CBs created cesspool is simmering with fermentation , only question remaining when(not if) it is going to overflow....


He's right regarding many companies, but incorrect regarding the prescription, the latter because naturally he believes (incorrectly) that rising stock market will ensure his re-election in 2020, because he was told (incorrectly) that most people view stock market performance as a barometer of their own economic well-being.

Regarding the FED and 3 consecutive bubbles -- well, increasing or decreasing the cost of capital (by manipulating short term interest rates in the past and now paying interest on bank reserves - see Hamilton of the econbrowser) is the main mechanism of regulating economy in most capitalist countries whose major purpose is to smooth the business cycle. Now, do the esteemed thinkers and analysts and our host believe that we should abandon business cycle smoothing and revert back to unregulated economy?