Trump Calls Barbed Wire Fence a "Beautiful Sight"

“I saw that beautiful barbed wire going up,” Trump said at a Saturday campaign rally in Montana. “Beautiful sight.”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Donald Trump says the Barbed-Wire Border Barrier Installed by U.S. Troops at the Texas Border is a ‘beautiful sight’.

The soldiers worked with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officers to lay about 1,000 feet of fencing along the river, the Defense Department said. The makeshift barrier was installed underneath the McAllen-Hidalgo International Bridge, which crosses into Mexico. The overpass is in the small town of Hidalgo, about 250 miles south of San Antonio.

“I saw that beautiful barbed wire going up,” Trump said at a Saturday campaign rally in Montana. “Beautiful sight.”

A Border Patrol spokesman said in an email to the New York Post the fencing was part of “necessary preparations” for the caravans.

Roughly 900 troops have reached the U.S.-Mexico border since the Trump administration began the deployment Oct. 26. The president vowed the forces would block the caravans, which contain thousands of migrants, from entering the U.S.

After saying about 5,000 active-duty troops would be deployed as part of Operation Faithful Patriot, Trump on Wednesday boosted the number from 10,000 to 15,000.

A separate contingent of about 2,100 National Guard troops had already been deployed to work with Border Patrol in anticipation of the caravans, which have about 7,000 people total, according to the Defense Department.

Caravan Location

The above image is from a MarketWatch update on the Caravan Location.

MarketWatch reports "As many as 20,000 migrants are kidnapped every year by criminal gangs who are trying to collect ransom, according to the human-rights group Amnesty International. And as many as six in 10 migrant women and girls are raped during their journey, the group says."

One can easily understand why the migrants would want to leave Honduras.

Let's assume that the "six in 10" rape statistic by Amnesty International is correct. That percentage suggests there is a significant number of rapist criminals in the group hoping to reach the US.

Even if you view the barbed wire fence as a necessity, does necessity constitute a thing of beauty?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Trump is a prick.


Put Americans in prison for employing illegals and the problem goes away.


I have a suggestion. Trump should try it at his golf courses and of course Mar-a-lago, since he likes it so much.



There are 5 billion humans in the world. How many do you think have the "right" to come to America? Either by legal or illegal methods?

How many should get full medical, education, housing, benefits once they get here? Either by legal or illegals methods?

How bankrupt should cities/counties/states/countries be trying to take care of them? How high should your taxes go?

If your answer is nothing less than 100% you are Nazi according to the left.

And as a FYI - If you are an illegal American in Mexico, Guatemala or Honduras - you will be immediately jailed, immediately fined and then immediately deported. You will receive no benefits and you will never be allowed to vote in any election. How come they are not racists?


Some people think that towering bird-whacking wind turbines are beautiful, and they are a good deal more obvious than a barbed wire fence along a border. Does Barry Obama's house in Chicago have a wall around his yard? I wonder if Barry thinks his personal wall is beautiful .. or just necessary.

Open borders or tax-payer funded social benefits -- one or the other. It is unsustainable to try to do both. Anyone who wants to let the caravan in is basically telling US Citizens that their Social Security and Medicare are going to vanish.