Trump Calls Barbed Wire Fence a "Beautiful Sight"

“I saw that beautiful barbed wire going up,” Trump said at a Saturday campaign rally in Montana. “Beautiful sight.”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Donald Trump says the Barbed-Wire Border Barrier Installed by U.S. Troops at the Texas Border is a ‘beautiful sight’.

The soldiers worked with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officers to lay about 1,000 feet of fencing along the river, the Defense Department said. The makeshift barrier was installed underneath the McAllen-Hidalgo International Bridge, which crosses into Mexico. The overpass is in the small town of Hidalgo, about 250 miles south of San Antonio.

“I saw that beautiful barbed wire going up,” Trump said at a Saturday campaign rally in Montana. “Beautiful sight.”

A Border Patrol spokesman said in an email to the New York Post the fencing was part of “necessary preparations” for the caravans.

Roughly 900 troops have reached the U.S.-Mexico border since the Trump administration began the deployment Oct. 26. The president vowed the forces would block the caravans, which contain thousands of migrants, from entering the U.S.

After saying about 5,000 active-duty troops would be deployed as part of Operation Faithful Patriot, Trump on Wednesday boosted the number from 10,000 to 15,000.

A separate contingent of about 2,100 National Guard troops had already been deployed to work with Border Patrol in anticipation of the caravans, which have about 7,000 people total, according to the Defense Department.

Caravan Location

The above image is from a MarketWatch update on the Caravan Location.

MarketWatch reports "As many as 20,000 migrants are kidnapped every year by criminal gangs who are trying to collect ransom, according to the human-rights group Amnesty International. And as many as six in 10 migrant women and girls are raped during their journey, the group says."

One can easily understand why the migrants would want to leave Honduras.

Let's assume that the "six in 10" rape statistic by Amnesty International is correct. That percentage suggests there is a significant number of rapist criminals in the group hoping to reach the US.

Even if you view the barbed wire fence as a necessity, does necessity constitute a thing of beauty?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

No. 1-13

I say invade Mexico and slowly move the border south until the military kills the drug lords, rapists and murders. If you want to control this problem playing defense wont work.


Mish, after commenting on the POTUS use of adjectives, you have learned nothing about his mannerisms and speech since he entered politics. Maybe concentrate on his accomplishments rather than the speech. The barbed wire is beautiful, but a wall with a big beautiful door for legal immigration would be more beautiful. Move out of Illinois where the foo, air and water are not so politically polluted. Oh, by the way, how many of these intruders are moving to your neighborhood?


There are many rapists in that Caravan based on the 6-in-10 women being raped along the way to USA and it is INHUMANE the democrats want to continue policies of luring children and women to try to come to USA to be abused along the way including rapes and even murder.

US should STOP accepting asylum requests at the border, at ports of entry and inside USA since all of these migrants are coming through a SAFE enough country Mexico where they could have asked for asylum and which even offered them asylum and jobs in the 2 southernmost Mexican states but the migrants turned this down.

USA should have a policy of NOT accepting asylum claims and instead fly these migrants including single men and single women and families straight back to Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador etc.

For single mothers among the group they should be flown straight back to Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador etc. but given a place to stay and some training to get a job funded by US foreign aid.

For kids coming alone to USA they should be flown straight back to Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador etc. but given a place to stay at a children's home or orphanage funded by US foreign aid until they can return to their families or until they graduate from school if they are orphans.

The Democrat policy of LURING these Caravans full of kids and single mothers come to USA is an INHUMANE policy and the pull factor to come to USA needs to be REMOVED by returning everyone.


It seems US army is INCOMPETENT compared to Hungary's army.

Hungary put up high fences topped up with barbed wire in a few weeks in 2015 to stop the Angela Merkel invited rush of millions of migrants from coming to Hungary at all.

Hungary first built this fencing topped with barbed wire on their border with Serbia and when the flow of migrants started to go through Slovenia to Austria Hungary built these high fences topped with barbed wire to their border with Slovenia to make sure the migrants stay out of Hungary.

Later Hungary added second fence topped with barbed wire in all places so if one climbs over one set of fence topped with barbed wire they have still another fence to go and will be caught by Hungarian Army and either thrown back to Serbia or Slovenia or put into DETENTION until their asylum application has been decided.

Most asylum applications are REJECTED and since Hungary has NO welfare and NO free apartments for migrants (like Germany and Sweden have) even those migrants getting asylum GET NOTHING.

Why is US army so INCOMPETENT that they are simply putting little bit of barbed wire on the ground in a few places as a photo-op?

Why is US army NOT building high fences topped with barbed wire like Hungary did?


I agree we need good border security, but it sickens me the way Trump is framing the argument. He also had deal with the Democrats that he walked from