Trump Calls Trudeau "Dishonest" and "Weak" Refuses to Sign G-7 Statement

The G7 communique is out. Trump will not sign it. Instead, he blasted Trudeau.

On Saturday morning, Mr. Trump described his relationships with French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Mr. Trudeau as “a 10.”

10 This

The New York Times reports Trump Refuses to Sign G-7 Statement and Calls Trudeau ‘Weak’

President Trump upended two days of global economic diplomacy late Saturday, refusing to sign a joint statement with America’s allies, threatening to escalate his trade war on the country’s neighbors and deriding Canada’s prime minister as “very dishonest and weak.”

Literally moments after Mr. Trudeau’s government proudly released the joint statement, noting it had been agreed to by all seven countries, Mr. Trump blew apart the veneer of cordiality that had prevailed throughout the two days of meetings in a resort town on the banks of the St. Lawrence River.

Today the Wall Street Journal reports Trump Says U.S. Won’t Endorse G-7 Communique, Threatens Auto Tariffs.

The communique said the nations would “strive to reduce tariff barriers, nontariff barriers and subsidies.”

That statement was in line with my prediction earlier today: "The meeting was productive blah blah blah. We all agree on the need to reduce trade barriers blah blah."

However, there was much more blah blah blah than I expected.

A copy of the eight-page communique, obtained by The Wall Street Journal, states that leaders share a commitment to promoting a “rules-based international order.” Under a section titled “Investing in Growth that Works for Everyone,” the statement underlines “the crucial role of a rules-based international trading system and continue to fight protectionism.”

Ah! Success

That is really quite an amazing video given what happened moments later.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Those are Cdn stats. Cdn officials are quoting American stats. Those show an American surplus on goods and services, and a small deficit on goods only, but without the oil (biggest item) that would also be a n outsize surplus. Cdn stats differ because of the way they include re-exportation of stuff produced outside of Canada.


The bizarre part of the taxpayer-funded G7 was the "Gender Equality Breakfast", and the day wasted on the junk science of Anthropogenic Global Warming. If the Six Dwarves really wanted to be leaders, they would have been addressing the unsustainable debt they have run up, and their inability to live within their revenues, and their cultural problems (including unassimilated immigrants).


The entire U.S. handling of the G7 was shambolic. Trump was blasting his fellow members for weeks, trolls them by demanding Russia get admitted, surprises everyone with a non-starter that everyone drop all tariffs, something U.S. industry would never agree to such as dropping sugar quotas and tariffs. After Lawrence Kudlow and Peter Navarro claimed Trump was cooperating with everyone and there would have been harmony had Trudeau not responded to U.S. tariffs. The whole thing was like watching bizarro TV


T2 at the G7:

When you look in my eyes, I can see free stuff!!!!

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G7 2018: the reality

The Simpson's predict the future yet again!!!!