Trump Cancels Iran Deal: Complete Video - Well Delivered Lies and Innuendo

Following a well-delivered set of lies and accusations, Trump signed an executive order halting a deal with Iran.

President Trump waved sanctions several times, but today, as expected, Trump unilaterally pulled out of a nuclear deal with Iran.

Trump cancelled the deal despite pleas from European leaders and legitimate concerns in Congress.

Trump’s decision, announced at the White House, follows the failure of last-ditch efforts by Britain, France and Germany to convince him that his concerns about “flaws” in the accord could be addressed without violating its terms or ending it altogether.

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), a sometime Trump critic, warned Tuesday that the ramifications of a U.S. withdrawal could reach beyond the Middle East.

“The agreement obviously had problems it didn’t address, Iran’s malign behavior or ballistic missiles. But after you’re in it and Iran has already realized the benefits of it ... to now allow them to get out of their obligations on the nuclear side would be foolhardy, in my view,” Flake told reporters. “And it also says more about our willingness to work with our allies. We’re having enough problems around the world in terms of our reliability, whether it’s trade or commercial engagements or security arrangements.”

Sanctions Reinstated

Full Video Statement

Trump refused to answer question about the pullout, instead briefly commenting on progress in North Korea.


When it comes to kidnapping, torture, lies, and stirring up trouble in the Mideast, the US is second to none.

Supposedly, Israel has proof Iran reneged on the deal. Let's see the proof.

EU Has Most to lose

Who's Telling the Truth?

Ominous Pullout

Hard-Liners, Israel Win - Everyone Else Loses

My Take

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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The sanctions were debatable, depending on one's opinion about US interests. There is the point of view that this is simply not our business (regardless what the Iranians do). Another pov is that the sanctions don't help anyways.

The Iran deal was bogus still. Why? Iran signed the NPT willingly. The NPT confers benefits and obligations. Iran violated the NPT flagrantly, while enjoying its benefits. The deal should have rolled back Iran's nuclear infrastructure, such that Iran resume compliance with the NPT it signed. Instead, the deal awarded Iran with an internationally accepted special status (effectively, NPT2).

Practically, the deal allows Iran to develop nuclear capacity to the brink, stopping short of the last steps of assembling and testing nuclear devices. The deal restricted Iran for merely eight years.

Stopping the sanctions unilaterally would have arguably been better than the "deal", because the deal gives Iran an internationally accepted status and legitimacy (akin to NPT2). This narrows the options of countries threatened by Iran, because Iran is in its rights to develop nuclear infrastructure thanks to NPT2.

Now think about the ramifications. Other countries in the middle-east, which did sign the NPT, kick started recently their own nuclear programs. Consider the message to would be violators of the NPT.

Now back to the sanctions. Was it a good idea? I question that, too. At the same time, suppose a country violated the NPT it signed, then what are the consequences (or is the NPT just a meaningless paper)?

North Korea, btw, hasn't signed the NPT (afaik). And, still the US and some of its allies are obsessed with its nuclear program. Considering North Korea inaction internationally, I'm more concerned about how Iran would use such a weapon (given how active and aggressive it has been towards other countries).


Mish has a huge blind spot about this but this is what predicted that the deal would be canceled.

The next step is to prep the American people for a war with Iran.

Watch and learn, Mish.

Mike Mish Shedlock
Mike Mish Shedlock


The idea this as about the dollar is lunacy.

Mike Mish Shedlock
Mike Mish Shedlock


Israel and nutcase warmongers are running US foreign policy


Mish as a libertarian, I know the way you think about foreign policy so in my opinion there is absolutely no way you could support Trump even if we had absolute proof that Iran had no intention to obey any of the terms of the initial agreement.