Trump Claims "Meaningful" Talks at the "Highest Level", China Doesn't Confirm


Trump eased back on China this morning. He claims China called him. No one can confirm. And Trump won't talk about it.

Futures recovered from an overnight dip on news Trump Seeks to Ease Tensions With China, G-7.

Mr. Trump on Monday said the U.S. negotiations with China were “much more meaningful than at any time.” Asked if he would consider delaying or canceling planned tariffs on China, he replied: “Anything’s possible.”

In softening his rhetoric, Mr. Trump also sowed some confusion. Mr. Trump said China had called U.S. officials on the previous evening and said “let’s get back to the table.” The spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Geng Shuang, said he was “not aware of” such a phone call by China to the U.S.

A spokesman for the U.S. Trade Representative didn’t respond to questions about when the call took place and between whom.

Asked later in the day to clarify whom the calls were with, Mr. Trump said: “I don’t want to talk about calls. We’ve had calls. We’ve had calls at the highest levels.”

4-D Chess Not

Does anybody remotely believe the above synopsis as describe by Trump?

It's not 4-D chess, nor 3-D chess, nor any kind of chess as I have commented numerous times.

Tom Luongo has an excellent writeup on the subject.

Please consider Trump's Not A 4-D Chess-Player, He's A Very Simple Creature

If you listen to Trump carefully, seeing him for what he is not what you think he is, what you want him to be or, most importantly, what he wants you to see, you hear a man who fully believes the Fed controls the economy.

You hear a man that firmly believes in the power of the government to remake the world in whatever image it wants, whenever it wants. You hear a man so solipsistic he can only see the world in terms he defined more than thirty years ago.

You hear a man who fundamentally doesn’t believe trade results in both sides winning but that everyone either wins a deal or loses. If he didn’t extract maximum pain from the other side he ‘lost.’ It’s the source of Trump’s inherent mercantilism.

And that fault in Donald Trump’s character is leading him to ever more extreme behavior as he refuses to reconcile the world we have versus the world he wants. So he keeps pressuring, embarrassing and humiliating people he wants to make deals with. And when they refuse to do so, he explodes and, like a child who didn’t get his cookie, uses the power of the Presidency to still try to get what he wants.

Trump’s not a multi-dimensional analyst. He isn’t a 4-d chess player. He’s actually a very simple creature. He believes the crap spewed by CNBC. He’s hired advisers who worked there for pity’s sake.

​Liar's Poker

Trump has changed his tone on China at least three times in the last three days. He's been promising a deal with China for a year or so.

There's nothing "meaningful" about any of this.

It's a liar's poker game Trump is playing to get reelected.

Anyone with a bit of commons sense can see Trump is a very poor liar.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Trump has to go. Problem is all the dem candidates are worse. Best case scenario is Trump loses and the dem reneges on all their promises.


Golly gosh, you think the President is LYING to us? Troubling indeed....

Tony Bennett
Tony Bennett

The half life on THIS market intervention?




The closer to "it" we get, the shorter the prop.


I agree. Trump is a simple man. He shows that in everything he does.

Multi-lateral trade deals; too complex; he can’t understand them. He prefers to deal with countries on an individual basis. He just about blew a gasket dealing with both Mexico and Canada together. Maybe some day, he will even get that deal signed. If it never gets signed, it doesn’t matter, as its 99% the same as the existing agreement.

On Friday he intensified the trade war with China. The Dow drops 623 points. OMG. Gotta turn this around. So he announces a wonderful new trade agreement with Japan (which will be pretty meaningless, even if he somehow manages to finally complete a trade deal). Plus, he is going to sign a great trade deal with his good friend, Boris Johnson. That should get the market up. However, Monday morning comes and the magic didn’t work. Dow futures are down several hundred points.

Okay. Better do something else.

Hey Media. China is calling us and desperately wants a deal. I will drop tariffs if we get a good deal. I will tell US companies that it’s okay to keep working with China, if we get a deal. Talks are at a very high level. Lots of calls going on. Things are great with China. I love Xi. We are great friends. Everything is okay. Nothing to worry about here.

The market goes up 200+ points.




i don't trust anything trump says. i wait for confirmation from another source first. and even if he does say it, he frequently changes his mind