Trump Considers 25% Tariffs on All Auto Imports as Matter of "National Security"

Trump has gone apeshit batty with his latest "national security" tariff proposal.

The Trump administration is considering a plan that would impose new tariffs on imported vehicles on national-security grounds, according to industry officials briefed on broad outlines of the plan.

The plan remains in its early stages, and is likely to face significant opposition from a number of interest groups, from foreign trading partners to domestic dealers of imported cars.

Applying the tariffs under Section 232, meanwhile, would require a lengthy investigation and report from the U.S. Commerce Department. The administration is currently considering tariffs of up to 25%, according to those briefed on the plan.

Global Trade War

If Trump wants a global trade war, this is a sure-fire way to get one.

Every country would respond with similar actions. And it would wipe out imports but it would also kill foreign investment in the US and US importers.

It would raise prices for a while. Then a crash.

Rosenberg on Trumponomics

The feature image is one I remembered from a few years back as part of a Monkey selfie copyright dispute.

A monkey took a photographer's camera and snapped a bunch of amazing pictures of itself. The courts ruled the images to be in public domain because monkeys cannot own copyrights.

The suit was settled, sort of.

However, the court of appeals declined to dismiss the case and vacate the lower court judgment.

This seems like nonsense to me. The owner of the camera should own the copyright. If that's not the case, then logically, any image in which an animal trips a shutter thereby taking it's own picture would be in public domain.

Perhaps the argument was presented to the court wrongly. Instead of arguing the monkey owned the copyright, the claim should have been made that the camera owner owned the copyright.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

No. 1-21

Around here? Yeah, you'd be wrong. Does this really strike you as a blue team cheering section?

Your comment makes you sound like a red team apologist. Am I wrong?


I don't recall such vitriol as Obama pissed all over the Constitution. I may be wrong.A m I wrong?


I might have to buy a new refrigerator before Trump tariffs them. I've given up on appliances made by US companies. The latest bad experience is my GE fridge. The door gaskets has gotten wavy for some unknown reason so cold air spills out. I've temporarily put some foam sticky strips to stop maybe 90% of the leaks. This started about a year ago. The fridge was bought in 2012 and replacement stripping costs over $100 for each of the fridge and freezer. I'm not spending $200+ on door gaskets. The unit runs constantly now. Goes along with my defective whirlpool washer that only lasted 2 years and my Maytag dryer that only lasted 4. I'm going to buy Samsung and LG from now on. Much better products.


Peter T has it right - this is negotiation. Strange that otherwise-smart people can't see that.


It's absolutely crazy - but I bet he does not actually want to do this. He is just waving the threat around to make the EU uncomfortable and become willing to consider concessions of some sort (keep in mind that I'm in the camp that says the best way to prosperity through trade is to simply scrap all trade restrictions, period - unilaterally, if need be). I'm merely commenting on Trump's negotiation tactics in other words.