Trump Downplays North Korea Missile Tests, Says Deal With Iran Possible


Trump isn't worried about North Korea belligerently firing off missiles. He now thinks a deal with Iran is possible.

Not Worried About North Korea

Signal Sent, Message Not Heard

Yes, North Korea is sending a signal. Kim Jong Un isn't worried because he is smart enough to criticize Joe Biden.

Only a Test

The Wall Street Journal reports Trump Says Recent North Korean Missile Tests Didn’t Bother Him.

President Trump said he didn’t think North Korea’s missile tests were a violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions and acknowledged disagreement with his advisers.

“I view it differently,” Mr. Trump said Monday, speaking at a news conference with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The president said North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “is looking to create a nation that has great strength economically.” He said recent small-missile tests by North Korea were possibly just an effort to get attention and that he wasn’t bothered by the tests.

On Saturday, national security adviser John Bolton said he thought the tests violated Security Council resolutions. At the news conference, Mr. Abe took the same view as Mr. Bolton.

Not Looking For Regime Change

After beating the war drums for weeks while demanding a regime change, Trump now says he is Not Looking to Topple Iranian Leadership.

Iran “has a chance to be a great country with the same leadership,’’ Trump said at a joint press conference in Tokyo on Monday alongside Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. “We are not looking for regime change. I just want to make that clear.’’

I’m not looking to hurt Iran at all. I’m looking to have Iran say no nuclear weapons,” Trump said. “No nuclear weapons for Iran and I think we will make a deal.’’

Trump’s remarks come amid fears that rising tensions between the U.S. and Iran could lead to miscalculations that would precipitate an armed conflict engulfing the Middle East. Frictions escalated this month after the U.S. said Tehran was planning an offensive against American interests in the region, then made a show of military force in the Gulf.

“The crux of the message by President Trump is that he doesn’t really want war with Iran, what he is trying to do is de-escalate the calls for war, ” said Fawaz A. Gerges, professor of Middle Eastern politics at the London School of Economics. His message “to the Islamic Republic is that his latest moves are all about deterrence and not war.’’

Iran Wants a Deal

Trump says Iran wants a deal. That's believable.

But the US already had a good deal. Our allies thought it was working. Even US intelligence thought it was working.

The main problem with it was Trump didn't negotiate the deal.

Perfect Solution in Plain Sight

Iran needs to criticize Joe Biden and praise Trump's negotiating skills.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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JEEZ....ain t there a Mad House near the White House or is the Mad House the very White House ?

  1. Trump blows up a deal he didn't make
  2. The U.S. gets a worse version of the same deal
  3. Trump declares victory

Three ballistic missiles were tested , the first since 2017. Bolton said the tests were a violation of a U.N. ban. Abe of Japan made similar statements. Trump is not only isolating himself he's at odds with our allies and his own team of experts and its questionable how Trump is able to justify that conclusion. Most likely Trump simply cannot admit he's wrong and lacks a plan to deal with North Korea.

Trump's behavior is really odd. He has no plan to limit North Korean nuclear weapons. He had an agreement that did limit Iranian nuclear weapons for another decade. He ripped up the latter and is failing at the former.


Thanks to Trump, Iran will decide to develop nuclear weapons to protect themselves from belligerent American rogue actors off their coast. If the current government loses at the polls, it will be to a more nationalistic coalition that feels the government was wrong to enter into deals with the Americans who have been proving to Iranians for upwards of 70 years that they cannot be trusted.


So glad I now have a clear picture of US policy on war, trade, and national goals.

It's back to the same situation there was in 2015 when Pentagon sponsored jihadis were fighting CIA sponsored jihadis in a an uncoordinated bid to destabilize Syria (as Sean Spicer mentioned 3× in one press conference). The idea that spreading mayhem in the rest of the world will somehow benefit future generations of under-educated and ill-trained uncompetetive Americans eludes me.