Trump "Get ready Russia" Missiles Coming: WW III Concern Vanishes in 3 Hrs

Trump taunted Russia in response to Russian claims it would shoot down US missiles. "Get ready Russia" Missiles Coming.

More war is coming. This is despite the fact it is downright idiotic to believe Assad gassed his own people.

False Flag Tweets

War Proponents, Democrats Included, Want Trump to Hit Syria

The best Tweet then is still the best Tweet today.

A couple of people did not catch the obvious sarcasm.

WW III Concern Vanishes in 3 Hours

The stock market was down significantly this morning for a while. This Tweet by GreekFire accurately assessed the situation.

The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq are nearly flat at the moment, and gold has given up two-thirds of its gains.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock


I hope Trumps words "mission accomplished" aren't apocalyptic like Bush's words were for Iraq. I can't believe he actually said that in his tweet.


Most likely the u.s. back channel communicated telling the russians where we were striking, to get out of the way and that its a one time event. if we were truly trying to contain chemical warfare in iraq this is not how it happens there was no-fly zone or a threat that we would intervene again if we saw the same thing happening again. and very little discussion about how syria has these weapons in the first place which supposedly obama negotiated on with russia removing them


I guess Mish may have accidentally banned my old account. Hence posting from the new one.

Even had to post this about the "children preparing for staging of chemical attack"- video.

Basically, that video that some used as "evidence to prove" that chemical attacks are staged was intentionally posted by that group on facebook to raise awareness to world about chemical weapons. Unfortunately it was pulled out of context by some.

Good thing that at least posted the clarification.


Not sure what conclusions I can make about the video with the children "staging chemical attack". Probably none without badly humiliating myself.

For a minute let's assume that video really depicts staging of chemical weapon attack, then:

  1. Why a "leaked" video? Isn't there more discrete way to prepare for such conspiracy without leaking anything (The video does not appear to be even taken with hidden camera)?
  2. What they plan to do with the kids later? The kids may leak the whole conspiracy theory. Do you think they are foster kids who will be killed after the final video to avoid possibility of leaking?
  3. The fact that FSA flag is there in the background makes me think it can't be good area to practice for such chemical weapon attack. At least they could have removed the flag.
  4. Does such video also retroactively disprove all the chemical attacks in Syria?

Of course, maybe you assume that people in the video have low IQ, because obviously, making so many errors at so many levels is just beyond ridiculous. If they have such low IQ, then how come Assad who is loved by majority has not already crushed them?

I think Civil War is Civil War. There must be significant population in Syria that hates Assad. So, your argument that "Assad is loved by majority in Syria. Hence he would not use chemical weapons against his own people." is just as flawed as Stacey Herbert's Twitter post. Both of you are basically trying to prove the same thing with the same unproved argument.