Trump Issues Executive Order Banning Chinese 5G Leader Huawei's Technology


Surprise surprise: All of a sudden Huawei is a threat to US national security.

President Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday afternoon effectively banning the use Huawei's 5G technology just days after the US and China failed to reach a deal to end the trade war between the two countries.

Trump's based the decision on national security. Curiously, it was not a matter of national security before the trade talks collapsed.

Please consider Trump Telecom Ban Takes Aim at China, Huawei.

President Trump signed an executive order Wednesday that allows the U.S. to ban telecommunications network gear and services from foreign adversaries, in a measure widely believed to be aimed at China and telecom companies including Huawei Technologies Co. and ZTE Corp.

A White House press release describing the order doesn’t list any countries or companies by name. Instead, it gives the Commerce Secretary the authority to ban the import of gear or services from companies that have close ties to foreign governments and could use their equipment to monitor or disrupt U.S. telecommunications or other infrastructure.

Trump Touts 5G and 6G Technology ASAP

Flashback February 21, 2019: Trump Tweets Promote US 5G "Even 6G" ASAP

Another Day, Another Lie

Fancy that, another bald-faced lie.

Huawei was only a tiny presence in the US markets, used only by smaller local operations that will now have to replace the gear.

Trump will soon demand the UK and EU to drop the technology.

What's It Really About?

  1. The US is behind in technology.
  2. Trump is irritated at China.
  3. The NSA cannot demand China put in hooks and backdoors but it can require US companies to do that and not mention it.
  4. Trump is an exceptionally piss poor negotiator who has to rely on bullying, threats, and coercion to get his way.

The end result of point number four is Trump has not closed a single deal while seriously damaging relationships with allies.

EU Pokes Trump

Trump is already irritated as note in February: EU Pokes Trump Again, This Time Over Huawei' s 5G Technology.

As noted on Feb 21: "Germany and the UK gave Trump another polite go to hell message by refusing his demand on Huawei."

I hope they remain firm. The only way to stop aggressive bullies is to stand up to them. The message needs to remain "Dear president Trump, Go to Hell".

Of course, diplomatically it will say "Dear President Trump, we will make our own decisions, thank you."

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Sadly, the only things the US are good at is failed foreign & domestic policy, lying to its people, obesity, being able to breathe with our heads up our collective asses, making up excuses to invade other countries, killing wholesale. We are not good at regime change anymore. MAGA is not possible because we were never great, well, great liars & hypocrites. Just MAG. Please add to the list as you see fit.




Loser? How about winner as Trump’s poll numbers hit 51% approval all time high of his presidency! American people like a leader who is kicking ass for a change on immigration and China. Mish like you I always try to be honest with my comments, so when I also read that there has been a huge shift in his approval with the milinials ??this is very worrisome since they are pretty much wrong in everything they believe and change their minds constantly.


By the time Trump is done, the US will have isolated itself from the rest of the world, much like North Korea.


That gdp number emboldened him to bully china.