Trump Lines Up War Cabinet: Meet Your New (Recycled) NSA Warmonger

Trump's National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster, resigned today. Let's investigate his warmongering replacement.

Senator Ed Markey, offers this thought: Trump is 'Lining Up His War Cabinet'.

“Bolton played a key role in politicizing the intel that misled us into the Iraq War. We cannot let this extreme war hawk blunder us into another terrible conflict,” Markey stated.

Bolton will be Trump's third national security adviser, and definitely the worst of the bunch.

Let's see what other think.

His most redeeming features is that he looks like Otter Pop. Isn't that enough?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

No. 1-25

Maybe now, Rachel Maddow can her war with Russia.


Can you link the sequel video that explains how to survive the following ~3-6 month nuclear winter that follows?

You know:
-> Lethal background radiation
-> Complete famine; dead crops, dead livestock, poisoned soil, poisoned water.
-> Plummeting Siberian-type temperatures (~-30c/-50c ~-20f/-60f)
-> EMP wipeout of all electronics
-> Blackened sky & unending storms
-> Total collapse of law and order
-> Pandemic disease outbreaks from all the corpses lying around.

I would genuinely pay a lot of money to see a Disney rendition of how to navigate that one. That is my sense of humour to a tee.


I fell off my chair laughing when I saw a quote from perhaps one of the dumbest Senators in the country.


Trump just asks Secretary Gut what he should do. The gut answers differently based on how it feels that particular day. Whether its happy or sad or just read some news about Robert Mueller. You can argue about gov't be bloated but normally the put out policy papers and run scenario analyses to help figure out policy. Not that Trump would listen to these experts but Tillerson gutted state dept.