Trump Offers Democrats a Dreamer Deal in Return for the Wall


PresidentTtrump proposes a three-year extension for Dreamers if they will vote for his wall.

Today, President Trump offered a 3-Year Extension of Protection for ‘Dreamers’ in exchange for $5.7 billion for wall. Pelosi has already ruled it out as a ‘non-starter’.

President Trump made a new offer Saturday to Democrats aimed at ending the 29-day partial government shutdown that would extend deportation protections for some immigrants in exchange for $5.7 billion in border wall funding.

Trump’s proposal is designed to ramp up pressure on Democrats by offering a reprieve on his attempts to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and temporary protected status (TPS) for immigrants from some Latin American and African nations.

Under the new proposal, the administration would allow those programs to continue — addressing a key concern of Democrats and some moderate Republicans.

It would also grant hundreds of millions of dollars for humanitarian assistance and drug detection policy and call for the hiring of thousands of new law enforcement agents to be deployed on the southern border.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) called it a “non-starter” and implored Trump to take action to open the government.

“The President must sign these bills to re-open government immediately and stop holding the American people hostage with this senseless shutdown,” Pelosi said.

A senior House Democratic aide said Democrats were not consulted on the plan, which the aide said is “not a compromise” because it still includes Trump’s demand for $5.7 billion to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border — the request that led to the shutdown.


The polls all agree: Americans don't like shutdown and they blame Trump

  • About half of Americans (51%) said it would be unacceptable if the only way to end the shutdown was to pass a bill that includes Trump's requested funding for the border wall, according to a Pew Research Center poll released on Wednesday. On the other side, 29% said it would be unacceptable for the only end to the shutdown to come via a bill that does not include the president's requested funding for the wall.
  • Multiple other polls show similar sentiments, including a Quinnipiac University finding that 61% of voters would support a bill funding new border security measures without funding a wall, including 36% of Republicans, 78% of Democrats and two-thirds of independents.
    Seven-in-ten Americans said that shutting down the federal government in order to reach an agreement on government policy is a bad strategy and only 22% thought it was a good strategy, according to a PBS NewsHour/Marist poll.
  • Support for the wall is still low, at around four-in-ten, across all the polls (40% support in Pew, 43% in Quinnipiac, 39% in CNN/SSRS and 42% in ABC/Washington Post).
  • The Pew survey found that only about a third of Americans (34%) said that expanding the wall would lead to a major reduction in illegal immigration to the US and, according to Quinnipiac's poll, 43% of voters feel a wall is an effective way to protect the border.

Coulter Blasts Trump

We voted for Trump but Got Jeb Bush says Ann Coulter.

Meanwhile, as long as the public blames Trump for the government shutdown, the shutdown will continue.

Eventually, the Democrats will get a package they can accept, Trump will agree to fund the government and hold talks, or Congress will override a Trump veto.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh also declared the deal a non-starter, so Trump will be vetoing his own deal.


Didn't watch the address, but checked the ZH comments at the end. Judging by how underwhelmed they were, this appears to be a nothingburger.


So caravans of thousands coming and low support for a wall? What are they putting in our drinking water? I just dont get it. I realize theres other alternatives but I seriously doubt any of those will be enacted either. Yet people continually complain about illegals, well except for those that get votes from them. And im still baffled how that even happens? Im about ready to pull the plug and move out of the US. Most likely to overall ****hole but at least I wont have to watch the US become one. Of course, if you drive thru many of our major cities were already there.


When i first heard the headline I thought this could be a way out but a 36 month DACA extension for a DACA problem of Trump's own making is a non-starter. It's also a step back from the offer Trump made a year ago. I'd like to see the two sides compromise but Trump's proposal today was idiotic. It's absurd for the Democrats to accept a deal that offers less than the previous one Trump offered.

A real deal would resolve DACA status once and for all. Trump knows that. He already made that offer. He can't offer less now and Trump created the DACA crisis, a fact Democrats are keenly aware of.