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Trump Says, Merry Christmas, Buy the Dip

Merry Christmas. Buy the Dip. Trump wants you to do what he says, not what he does.

“We have companies -- the greatest in the world, and they’re doing really well,” Trump told reporters at the White House on Tuesday. “They have record kinds of numbers. So I think it’s a tremendous opportunity to buy. Really a great opportunity to buy.”

Trump Doesn't Buy Stocks

Please consider this amusing Politifact flashback from September 15, 2016: Donald Trump says he doesn't invest in the stock market.

Donald Trump raised eyebrows during an interview with CNBC when he said that Federal Reserve Board chair Janet Yellen -- a Senate-confirmed appointee who is supposed to run the central bank independently -- is "obviously political and doing what (President Barack) Obama wants her to do."

Trump then suggested that the long, post-recession run of low interest rates, currently overseen by Yellen, is creating a "false market" with "essentially free" money.

"I don’t invest in the stock market," Trump continued during the Sept. 12, 2016, interview. "And I think you saw the stocks I bought, and I bought a lot of stock, and I am not a stock market guy, and I bought it because I did not use borrowed money when I invested."

This exchange was somewhat rambling -- and the Trump campaign did not respond to a request to elaborate for this article -- but Trump appears to be saying that he was once invested in the stock market but doesn’t do so today. When he says, "I don’t invest in the stock market," he’s using the present tense.

Not a Stock Guy

Is trump a "stock guy" or not a stock guy? Or does he just want everyone else to be stock guys and gals.

Apparently he was once a stock guy as long as money was free, but then again, he was complaing about free money under Yellen, so why wan't he a stock guy then?

No one really knows since he frequently talks nonsense while contradicting himself.

Amazingly, most of his supporters still cling to all this "art of the deal" nonsense. I voted for him, but I don't.

Merry Christmas

Meanwhile, there's something I forgot to say.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Well, at least he is not threatening to bankrupt certain industries (like obama with coal), nationalize certain industries (like obama tried with healthcare) and bailout out certain industries to rescue big donors (like obama with GM/UAW).

You certainly have a very selective outrage button.

And Mish - do you think anyone takes DJT tweet about buying non-specific American companies as serious investment advice?

He could have been talking gold mining companies!!!!!


Any way one wants to slice it, we live in a world run by morons.


i agree with donald trump. the u.s. is home to some great companies. that said, i'm not about to accept market timing advice from someone who has gone through six bankruptcies and continues to show a lack of expertise on just about any subject matter he talks or tweets about.


i'm convinced two things are at play here. first trump is panicking that a weak stock market will contribute to his undoing and secondly that trump has some very real personal exposure to rising interest rates to the tune of 340 million dollars of adjustable rate debt on his companies. I doubt Trump has hedged this risk either. He probably took on the adjustable rate debt because it was cheaper than fixed rate debt. Also in the commercial space adjustable rate debt is more the norm. Hedging that exposure would have increased his servicing costs and while anything is possible I doubt Trump would be so savvy.


central bank money printers with their magical printing presses will crowd out everyone as the go all in buyin the dip!