Trump Says "The Wall is Coming" Cites Progress With Pelosi on Steel Wall

Trump says "The Wall is Coming", a beautiful steel wall citing progress with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Beautiful Steel Wall

Beautiful Steel Wall Take Two

Obama on the Wall

Biden on Trump's wall claim: 'Come on'

CNN's Randi Kaye caught up with former Vice President Joe Biden and asked him what he thought of President Donald Trump's claim that previous presidents also wanted to build a border wall. Biden said "Come on".

It's a Strike, Not a Shutdown

The Wall Street Journal reports that President Donald Trump told lawmakers he did not like the word "shutdown" and instead preferred the word "strike."

Meanwhile, I cannot find anyone other than Trump suggesting there is a deal with Pelosi on a beautiful steel wall.

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yesterday it was concrete today it's steel. yesterday we were pulling out of syria but today we're staying. trump has no idea what he's doing and we have no idea who is in charge. administration policy is shambolic to say the least

if trump wants a wall , he needs to negotiate for it. so far he hasn't. its very clear the opening bid needs to be daca for the wall. that was a deal he had and one that he not the democrats walked from. seems obvious that's how you get the wall done. also seems obvious he pulled the offer after he realized he lacked the political capital to make this offer


Is this the point that tariffs on Chinese steel gets dropped?


Trump should just amend obama's DACA executive order to include building the wall.

After all, if obama can just ignore existing federal laws and make up his own laws (and spend billions while doing it), then so can any following presidents.


Trump should call a "national emergency" and build a wall on the WHOLE US-Mexico border and have Army build the wall from the Army/DoD budget who Trump gave 700+ billion dollars in the early 2018 Omnibus.

Here is Democrat Adam Smith who now is the Chair of the Armed Services Committee in the House telling that Trump can call a "national emergency" to build a wall and then have DoD/Army build the wall from their budget:

The funny thing is that the Democrat says that previous presidents have used the "national emergency" clause to build facilities in Afghanistan and Iraq...

Democrat Adam Smith is also claiming that since building wall on parts of the border has NOT helped the situation that this means that a wall on the whole border would not help the situation. Democrat Adam Smith wants to hire more government employees (more government bloat costing much more than the wall) to catch illegals (who would be then catch-and-released to USA) thereby continuing the current broken immigration policy and abused asylum policy.

Everybody who has a working brain should realize that illegal immigrants will cross the border in places where there is NO wall or where there is just a rickety fence or a low barrier one can sit on top of so the ONLY working solution is to build a high wall or high metal barrier with pikes or barbwire on the WHOLE US-Mexico border and then use the current number of government employees to monitor the border wall and stop people from coming over with sensors and sending Border Patrol to meet any illegals trying to cross over and keep them on the Mexican side.


Mish, you have some kind of comment filter that traps many comments. You should disable it.