Trump Seeks Cuts and QE; Stocks, Bonds, Gold Reverse on Fed Press Conference.


On Powell's statements at the press conference stocks, the markets reversed. Yesterday, Trump blasted the Fed.

When Does the Tweet Storm Begin?

Not Yet, Just Howls From Yesterday

Transitory Inflation?

Declining Inflation?

Political Correctness

Stocks and Bonds Reverse

The stock and bond markets did not react well to Powell's press conference.

5-Year Bond Reaction

Gold Reaction

Unhappy With Powell

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An initial dovish-appearing statement reversed at the press conference.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Let's "wait and see" how big a hissy-fit Mr. Market has to throw before Powell changes his tune. That triple-top on the S&P is rather ominous looking.


Mish; I was expecting “Here comes the recession!” and “Buy Gold” from you. Did I miss something?


Powell knows the next round of cuts are going to go deeper than ever before (negative) so he's understandably trying to delay. We've all noticed the tenures of these Fed chairs are getting shorter, maybe Powell thinks he can pass this hot potato before the NIRP era?


This 'good cop, bad cop' game is going to end in tears for both the Fed and Trump.

Pretty obvious where this is going. With the economy rapidly slowing, inflation pretty much dead, and yield curve inversion always destroying banking system capital...


In the words of iron Mike Tyson,pretending works until you get punched in the face by reality,now el presidente is seeing his reelection chances slip away.Can he perform a miracle like Obama by getting reelected without accomplishing much, if anything in his 1st term?Barak had the blacks and Hispanics so no matter how inept or incompetent they supported him,Trump ….not so much.