Trump Still Proclaims "We Will Build the Wall"


President Trump sticks with his hard-line stance, insisting the US will build a physical wall on the Mexico border.

We Will Build the Wall

Trump Refers to Himself in the Second Sense

Resistance is Futile

President Trump showed no sign Saturday he was prepared to give up his insistence on a border wall, as negotiators prepare to begin talks aimed at keeping the government open and resolving a bitter impasse over funding for the wall.

Under the deal struck Friday, House and Senate negotiators appointed by congressional leadership will use the next three weeks to see if they can settle the dispute over funding for a wall along the Mexican border.

Since taking office in 2017, Mr. Trump has seen his leverage on the issue dwindle. Republicans, who controlled Congress for much of his presidency, lost the House majority in the midterm elections in November. Polling shows that voters largely blamed him for a shutdown that left about 800,000 federal workers without pay. Neither party has shown much appetite for another shutdown if Mr. Trump doesn’t get the wall money he wants in the new round of negotiations.

Not a Concession

Not a concession?

Get real.

Pelosi Won

You can agree with Trump on the need for a wall. But that does not matter at this stage. What does matter is Pelsoi won the fight.

It would be politically stupid for her to cave in for no reason now. She won't. Nor does the Senate have any stomach for another government shutdown. It would be the third kick in the head.

In fact, a Congressional override of a budget approval is likely in order if Trump goes down that path. And that would be the end of it.

Emergency Declaration

If Trump sticks to his guns, he will make an emergency declaration. There will be a Congressional challenge, and it will get tied up in the courts.

My Constitutional lawyer friends in DC tell me they are confident Trump would lose. Bear in mind that "confident" and "sure thing" are two very different things.

My guess is Trump loses the battle. But then he can whine about the courts rather than Pelosi.

Two Years Wasted

Trump had two years to negotiate a good deal. He got nothing despite the fact that a year ago, Democrats agreed to fund the wall to the tuned of $20 billion dollars.

Yes, Trump turned down an offer of $20-$25 billion for wall funding in return for amnesty for long-standing dreamers. That was up for negotiation. Trump could have insisted as part of the deal the dreamers not have a criminal record. Democrats would likely have agreed to that condition.

Instead, Trump got nothing.

Totally Trump's Fault - TTF

This is totally Trump's fault. I propose TTF if you want to reduce that to three characters.

Trump is a pathetic negotiator. There is no other way of looking at this.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

No. 1-24

As soon as KamalToe Harris gets in office in 2021, she'll hire illegals to cut the wall down with acetylene torches.


I expect Trump will ratchet up his ”politics of hate” in order to rally his base to promote his wall. I anticipate more speeches about the danger posed by ”others”, and the ”crisis” at the border. Sadly, this will likely result in more racial violence perpetrated by his supporters in response to his speeches.


Wall or no wall, there'll be little progress unless E-verify is enforced this time. And for those buying the scam that E-verify is just horrendously unmanageable, try leaving a single, simple 1099 form with income off your tax return and discover personally just how quick IRS computers can kick out a flag on your return.


No deal is possible with the Beltway swamp dwellers. It's like trying to negotiate a deal with the two biggest Mexican cartels on stopping illegal drugs crossing the border. Both national parties are up to their gills in benefits from illegal immigration. Expect no deal, but maybe a wall of sorts this time.


It is really simple:

If Trump does NOT build the wall he will be a one-term president and will be remembered as a LIAR and a total FAILURE.

Therefore since Trump is a bit of a narcissist and it matters to him a lot what people think about him and I believe he would like to be a 2-term president his only choice is to get the wall built.

Also Mexico is now giving migrants trying to cross Mexico and come to USA 12 month temporary humanitarian residence permits therefore USA should REFUSE to accept any asylum applications from them either at ports of entry or at the border or inside USA and just refuse them entry or return them BACK to Mexico since they have a valid residence permit there and there is nobody persecuting them in Mexico.

The credible fear evaluations are a JOKE since Geneva Convention on refugees does NOT count abusive spouses back home or gang threats back home as valid reasons to claim asylum but for some reason leftist/Democrat judges let people like this pass through the credible fear evaluation after which they are allowed to ask for asylum.

Sessions was supposed to fix this but apparently the bureaucracy has swallowed this Sessions tightening and Trump and Jared are too stupid to notice that 99% of the asylum claims are meritless and should NOT pass the credible fear stage.