Trump Tweet: Send Illegal Immigrants to Sanctuary Cities Only


Trump Tweeted a radical approach to the immigration crisis today: Send all the illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities.

The Wall Street Journal reports Trump Targets Sanctuary Cities Amid Stepped Up Immigration Push

President Trump and senior adviser Stephen Miller are pushing ahead on a revived bid to stem illegal immigration, the president’s signature issue, after a week in which almost all of the top leaders at the Department of Homeland Security were ousted or hobbled.

A White House official contacted officials at the Department of Homeland Security in November to inquire about the feasibility of busing members of a migrant caravan to sanctuary cities if there wasn’t sufficient temporary housing where they were detained, according to an administration official.

ICE’s acting deputy director at the time, Matthew Albence, responded that the proposal would be operationally difficult and could also raise a variety of liabilities, and the proposal has since been dropped, the administration official said. The proposal was first reported by the Washington Post.

“This is not our ideal policy,” the administration official said on Friday. “Our ideal policy is enough detention space so we can detain people and remove them.” The official cast the suggestion about Mrs. Pelosi’s district less as a serious proposal and more as an effort to expose what the official called the speaker’s hypocrisy on the matter.

The president’s tweet was intended to provoke a response from Democrats about why they would oppose allowing detainees to be placed in sanctuary cities, the official said, but described the president as eager to partner with sanctuary cities on such a proposal.


I am certain of two things

  1. Trump is not playing 4D Chess
  2. This plan will never be implemented

Here's Trump's Tweet if you care to respond or read comments.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

No. 1-22


Brilliant idea! ~ and I hope they can figure out a way to toss the illegals over the WALLS surrounding the liberal elites estates.


Waaaaay better yet - social media flashmob them directly into the PowerCrats neighborhoods! As if they are personally invited!!! Alt-right nerds - get to work!


I know this will make the old white guys who read this blog heads explode but the more immigrants a city has the more vibrant and stronger its economy is. The places which have few immigrants in flyover country are dying. Places like West Virginia and Mississippi don't get any immigrants and their quality of life is at the bottom of the barrel.

Bungalow Bill
Bungalow Bill

The term Cloward Piven comes to mind when I hear our psuedo conservative president even mention the thought. Trump often reminds me of Rahm Emanuel , never let a crisis...

That's never good for our Constitution and gun owners have already paid a price for his ignorance.