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Reflections on 10-Year Yields


IPO Earnings

Emerging Markets

Emerging Market Sudden Stop

Russell 2000 Breakup Bullish?


Euro Bond Spreads

Credit Card Delinquencies

Plenty to think about.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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What about the stories about Japanese seniors purposely commiting crimes in order to be jailed because they are unable to take care of themselves.


I agree with Tengen. Countries should take a closer look at letting populations just shrink in developed nations with low birth rates, instead of flooding the country with immigrants from the 3rd world. Japan does exactly this, and its a great place, been there many times. Let nature correct population imbalances naturally. I think "quality of life" has got much worse in many parts of the USA due to pop growth (traffic, ruining natural environments with sprawl, crime, tribalism, polarization, astronomical real estate prices and rents, etc...).


Regarding those who are cheering low birth rates as a positive demographic trend; While there may be some positives, in the long run, there are a lot of negatives.
With a low birth rate, the demographic grouping would increasingly skew towards the elderly. More and more retired seniors, drawing on Social Security and Medicare, with fewer young people working to support the seniors. This is particularly troubling for the US as Social Security does not invest its funds for the future, but instead relies on the working young to support the retired old.
And with the world’s most expensive health care system (close to double the per capital cost in other developed countries), increased spending on medical care for the elderly will be increasingly difficult to maintain.
The US has been following Japan in many ways, including fiscal and demographic. If you want to see your future, look at Japan.


Not saying you're wrong, but the situation in China and the ME is a bit different. In the ME the women are there but the young men are denied access. In that case civil unrest could produce results. In China, the women simply aren't there. The men could lash out anyway but nothing would come from it.

So far, Chinese men haven't emigrated as much as ME men either. Will be interesting to see if the PRC government pushes that angle to Africa or elsewhere.

@Maximus Yep, there can potentially be big benefits to lower population density, but of course the economists and their ilk will fight it tooth and nail. The ponzi needs fuel and increased wages from labor scarcity is never what they want.