Tweets of the Day: Gold, the Euro, Asset Boom, Trump, Payrolls State by State

Lots of interesting Tweets today on a variety of subjects.


No-Yield Gold

Historic Asset Boom

​Stockman on Trade

No Escape From Argentina Bond Massacre

Change in Payrolls by State

Krugman on Farmers

Euro in Freefall

Canada GDP

Negative-Yielding Bonds

Sheep Standing on Nickels - Hussman

Bond Manager Point


Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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gold was $800 an ounce in 1980 $1900 an ounce in 2011 ... it’s been a Bad long-term investment!

Everything is a bad investment when you buy on top.


I guess Im learning this as I go along ... so the negative rates are the result of hyper-buying and swapping between investment houses of all these bonds ... for things to come crashing down in markets like in 2008 you need a "Lehman" trigger ... now what could that be ....?


This was really helpfull, great work



Several years ago you listed some gold/silver stocks that were very beaten down and out of favor that you liked in an article here on this blog.

They went a little lower too. You took mucho flak.

About now I expect you are very well up. Any updates?

FYI - I did buy a few of the very same stocks about the same time period. Up very nicely and some buyouts/mergers.


"Farmers thought Trump was their kind of guy, but he has predictably done them vast harm — and not so secretly holds them in contempt"

I can only imagine what contempt Krugman holds for farmers, considering they voted for Trump.