Tweets of the Day: Iran's VP Infected, Japan Closes All Schools


Millions of school kids are hit with school closures in Japan. Iran's "Screaming Mary" is infected. Surprise Fed cut?

Community Spread in the US

Trump Admin Incompetence

Iran's "Screaming Mary" Infected

How Many Iranians are Really Infected?

Japan to Close All Schools

Let's Get Those Exports to China Humming

Trump wants to exports masks to China. Hey why not?

Bianco's Latest Charts

Clorox Doing Well

Cruise Ships and Casinos Not Doing Well

ECB Complacency

Too Soon For a Rate Cut?

How About a Surprise Rate Cut?

Twice in the past week I mentioned the possibility of a surprise rate cut.

If it happens, I won't be surprised.

All News Must Funnel Through VP Pence

US Censorship Already

What's Happening?

  1. Feb 19: Fed Minutes Highlight Coronavirus Concerns and Uncertainty 8 Times
  2. Feb 24: Bond Yields Crash and Gold Soars on Pandemic Threat
  3. Feb 25: CDC Admits Spread of Coronavirus in the US Appears Inevitable
  4. Feb 25: Lie of the Day: This is Not a Pandemic
  5. Feb 25: Nearly 50% Odds of "At Least" 3 Rate Cuts by December
  6. Feb 26: Trump says We are "Very, Very Ready for the Coronavirus, for Anything"
  7. Feb 27: Useless Act: California Monitors 8,400 People for Coronavirus; 33 Test Positive
  8. Feb 27: Containment Fails: Coronavirus Tweets of the Day

Rate cuts odds started rising before coronavirus threat materialized on news Largest Global Shipping Decline Since 2009.

In regards to point 6 and Trump's comment that we are "very, very, ready", excuse me for pointing out that California is monitoring 8,400 people and has 200 test kits.

And monitoring people in and of itself is useless. By the time anyone show symptoms, they have been a carrier for as long as 19 days.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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I tuned into CNBC at the close to see how they would handle it. Someone had found a way to get on their studio voice lines. AS the 'B' team was assembled and Mohammed El Arian was, somehow, persuaded to to a telephone interview the screams started. El Arian could talk uninterrupted, but as soon as a CNBC clown tried to the 'screams' began again. No 'big shot' will appear in person live. It is hilarious.


Northern Ireland now has it, a traveler came from Italy where they were infected and flew to Dublin then on to NI. So it is in Ireland also.



Chinese health officials previously estimated that the incubation period for the virus ranged from one to 14 days, but recent research suggests it could be as long as 24 days.

Doctors concluded that the woman's incubation period – the time during which she was infectious – was 19 days.

5 cases over 14 days

Latkes can apologize any time


Japan shutting down schools is first time officials attempt to get ahead of the curve rather than respond weeks late after infections already took place.


the iran v.p. tweet may be misunderstood. Iran has 12 vice presidents. sounds more like a minister with a portfolio, like our secretary of education


Pence has swung into action! Even now, he's got a hand on the president's fat shoulder, eyes squinched up communicating directly with God through His Sacred Orange Antenna that smells of Hamburders. God listens to Pence.... the righteous will be saved, and the heathens shall drown in their own snot! Rejoice! The time fo judgement is at hand!


I do not see how lower interest will help this situation but perhaps others can share their thoughts?


I don't know who wrote the story on Japan, (Athit Perawongmetha?) but I can say that most families still have the mother staying home with the children all day. This won't be chaos for working parents. It's a pretty ethnocentric position.


Both BNO News and Worldometer report that Nigeria has gotten its first case. I cannot find any other news links. NOW do we have a pandemic?


"Professor Mackay said if that was the case, “at some point in the coming months or years we’re all going to get infected because we’ve all been infected by these other endemic viruses”.

“We know that they just spread among us,” he said.

The government’s emergency response plan will give sweeping powers to federal and state ­governments to contain the virus if outbreaks occur, similar to those in Iran, Italy, Japan and South Korea."


I see that Latkes apparently doesn't understand the concept of "if it bleeds, it leads". Poor man. He should be more like Mish and run around with his hair on fire. That's the only way to be popular here.

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