Value of Exports to Canada and China by State

GeoFred and the St. Louis Fed data repository (Fred) put together a set of interesting trade maps.

2016 Value of Exports to Canada by State

2016 Value of Exports to China by State

The above charts are courtesy of GeoFred.

> Go to GeoFRED and click on “Build New Map.” Under “Tools,” set Region Type to “State” and Data to “Value of Exports to Canada.” Choose data from the year 2016. Repeat the same process for the second map, with the Data option set to “Value of Exports to China.”

The tool works by state or by nation.

I like the tool but it needs work. And much data is missing.

For example, I wanted to produce a map of current the current account balance of the US and where the imbalance is, by country. But there is no such data.

Nor can one produce net trade data. Again, there is no such data.

Trade data consists of goods and services. There is no services data.

There is trade data for goods, but not "net" goods data. And there is no way to subtract goods imports from goods exports although there is a formula tool.

Bear in mind, I am offering suggestions for improvements.

I like the tool.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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This suggests Canada is still more important trade wise than China.

Perhaps surprisingly.


Anyway to superimpose manufacturing jobs lost and factory closed by state?

Mike Mish Shedlock
Mike Mish Shedlock


Canada is the US's largest export trading country. And the trade is nearly balanced. Total trade China is bigger and so is the EU. I will update my post with a chart

Michael J
Michael J

Would be more interesting to see a population normalized map


I assume California's exports are mostly agricultural like almonds