Welcome to the New MishTalk

Welcome to the New Mishtalk On The Maven!

A few months ago I was invited to move my website to TheMaven.Net/Mishtalk.

Giving up control of a domain is not an easy decision.

I did so because I like the Maven Team. I believe they will better promote the "Mish" brand than I can personally.

Maven Team

  • James Heckman / Founder and CEO - Background: Head of Global Media Strategy for Yahoo!; Chief Strategy Officer at Fox Digital; architected a $900 million ad alliance between Google and Myspace; founder/CEO of 5to1.com (sold to Yahoo!); CSO of Zazzle.com; Founder/CEO of Scout.com (sold to Fox); Founder/CEO of Rivals.com and Rivals.net (sold to Yahoo!)
  • Josh Jacobs / Executive Co-Chair - Background: President of services at Kik Interactive, one of the world’s largest messaging apps; global CEO of Accuen Media; president of the Omnicom Media Group
  • Bill Sornsin / Chief Operating Officer - Background: Ran MSN's Core Technology team before joining Rivals.com as co-founder and CTO in 1999; co-founded Scout.com as CTO/COO; VP Engineering & Operations at Fox Interactive Media following its acquisition of Scout.
  • Ben Joldersma / Chief Technology Officer - Background: CTO and chief architect of the single-platform national sports network Scout.com; CTO of the digital media advertising management firm 5to1; senior software engineer at Google where he researched and developed image visualization systems for Google Maps; a principal software engineer in the advertising platform unit at Yahoo!
  • Ross Levinsohn / Director - Background: CEO at Yahoo! in 2012; President of Fox Interactive where he helped create one of the largest digital businesses amongst the traditional media companies; co-founded Fuse Capital in 2005; General Manager at AltaVista Network; Vice President of Programming and Executive Producer at CBS Sportsline.

That's a partial list of names as well as a partial list of accomplishments.

What's In it for Me ?

  1. Ultimately, I expect more ad income or I would not move.
  2. I am also struggling to get readership up on Mish Moments, my photography website. I reckon the Maven team can help.

What's In it for You ?

  1. Rooms: Many people complain about political posts. Others love them. If you do not want to read about foreign or US politics, you can easily skip such posts.
  2. Ask Mish: I have a new room called Ask Mish. If you have a question, ask away. Others are free to respond or to comment on my comments.
  3. Easier signup. You can use any existing email address to join.
  4. Easier commenting.
  5. I have two moderators who can remove offensive comments and make minor edits to posts.

Signup Now!

Signup is easy. Just follow the above instructions.

Once live, Mishtalk.Com will automatically redirect to TheMaven.Net/Mishtalk.

Thousands of articles have been converted minus the comments.

However, all existing posts and comments on MishTalk.Com will be available in Archive format shortly. That URL is Archive.Mishtalk.Com.

Welcome to MishTalk on The Maven.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

No. 1-25

OUCH - this new site just cluttered and visually assaulting - please make it go away Mish! Make the bad men who are horrible web designers go away and take their pictures with text embedded headlines with them.


another OVERLY cluttered site, too much time to sort, plow through the weeds, not worth the time etc = GOODBYE


I gotta tell you though @WildBull, I am absolutely loving the content and the discussion here (at least in the econ threads). A guy can learn a lot from grumpy old men once he learns how to put up with them. lol.


This place is haunted by a bunch of grumpy old men.


Hi Lloyd. I'm anxious to see the improved format. Hang in there. You are getting pounded pretty hard. I've written enough software to know that you will never be right ;-) Best Regards