Yet Another Trump Trade Shuffle (Flip-Flop Arguably a Better Word)

Under pressure from Congress, Trump reversed on China ZTE sanctions.

Trump's trade policy is like a page from French president Emmanuel Macron.

It's neither here nor there, nor anywhere.

Yesterday, both China and the US touted a trade deal with China. This followed a bizarre Tweet from Trump that showed Trump's concern for loss of jobs, not in the US, but China.

In response, China lifted tariffs and so did the US. I commented on the "progress" in ZTE Back From the Dead After Trump Reverses Sanctions.

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Whoa! Stop the Presses!

What happened?

Congressional Opposition

Who Cares What Anyone Thinks?

The man who did not give a rat's ass about what anyone in either party thought now suddenly cares.

It's been a pathetic scene to watch. I commented on that aspect yesterday in Trump Shuffle: China Runs Rings Around Trump's Trade Policy by Standing in Place.

At the time it looked like this.

Reflections on Trust

Today we see that widely proclaimed "success" has been canceled thanks to political opposition.

Any foreign government that believes they can trust Trump is as foolish as any government that believes they can trust China.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock


Good will constrain Evil~Hillary~but stupid~Trump~nobody can fix. I pretty much agree with this statement, but where is the good? If a group of of Democrats and Republicans came up with real plan to solve our problems, especially the debt problem, would never pass as the necessary sacrifices would never be accepted since we are so divided.


Has no-one here ever been involved in a real-world negotiation? Do people really think that things move in a straight line and reach a "Buy The World A Coke" happy outcome within the 55 minutes of a TV program? Goodness! If Winston Churchill had been reading this blog, he would have been told to surrender to Germany even before Dunkirk!

Relax everyone! Events are in line with what should be expected when the US finally has a leader who stops bending over and grabbing ankles in front of a mercantilist China.


[Trump's] .. but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more: [he is] ... an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.


In general, life is pretty damned good these days. Matter of fact, we live a higher standard than kings did in days of old.