ABC Quietly Retracts Bombshell Story Implicating Trump: ABC Coverup

On Friday, ABC reeled the market with a story implicating Trump. Today, ABC issued a belated half-assed correction.

On Friday, During a live Special Report, ABC News reported that a confidant of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said Flynn was prepared to testify that then-candidate Donald Trump instructed him to contact Russian officials during the campaign

Today, we learn the non-news story that president-elect Trump instructed Flynn to contact Russian officials.

It is commonplace for the president-elect to start conversations with foreign governments.

ZeroHedge posted some interesting Tweets in his commentary on the Epic ABC Mistake. Here are some more pertinent Tweets.


ABC Coverup

Outrageous Error

CNN Blasts ABC

There are many related Tweets by CNN reporter Oliver Darcy blasting ABC for the error and its attempted coverup of the error.

Need for Two Sources

21 Hours Later

No Story

Market Reaction

ABC went from a bombshell rushed story to a meaningless comment. It is common for the president-elect's team to talk to foreign governments.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

No. 1-13

Zerohedge is a Russian trollbot. Get over it. Trump will get what he has coming, no more no less.


The best way to fight fake news is to encourage people to cut the cable. Once they loose the sight of the nice, friendly, well-groomed face telling them the "news", these propaganda conduits will go the way of the dinosaurs.


The Democratic Party MSM are anti Trump. They colluded with the Hillary campaign against Trump, meddling in our election. Even watching local news on KTLA, i have several times just changed the channel when their political news segment comes on. Several days ago, they had a negative story about Trump followed by a fluffy story related to Trump, then purposely went back to the negative story they had already told me about Trump, to end the segment on a negative note toward Trump. Last night, when i heard the KTLA anchor say "In political news..." before he got another word out, i changed the channel.


In the progressive era, all news is fake. The only thing more universally useless, despicable and pointless than progressive news organizations; are lawyers, lawsuits, progressive courts and the rule of unjust, arbitrary law, cooked up by progressive politicians for the benefit of themselves and their sycophant army of backers.

Suing ABC over losing out from being dumb enough to listen to a single random sound emanating from the holes in their empty heads, makes less sense than dragging in the jackboot supported ambulance chaser army, to harass some gas huffing hobo claiming to be Socrates, for recommending you spend your money on shares in the perpetual motion machine factory he is building in his underwear.

ABC exists to sell adspace targeting dumb people. Hence will report what dumb people wants to hear, and are dumb enough to think is important. That’s it.


Bam_Man, that would be most every big corporation in America, especially in the industrial complexes of "health care", military, food processing, finance, and education. Adds from these govt partners in crime would be meaningless, if we didn't have a generations of people indoctrinated in an education system that has become saturated with Collectivists that have relentlessly executed the subversion strategies that Yuri Bezmenov warned us about decades ago -

Nothing can stop the crash and burn, economic reset, as career politicians are incapable of looking in the mirror and reforming. The only thing that matters now is educating and preparing systems and individuals for a world after the govt bubble pops, which is coming faster than most realize. The key components of a more democratic and free world must be rooted in short term-limits, no deficit spending and/or no interest on the money required to run govt, and a distributed peer-to-peer currency system that is based on concensus and eliminates central authority and efficiency-draining middlemen.

The alternative is to repeat the mistakes of the past, which leaves open the door to another Dark Age (search it at Armstrong's site - here is one: