Catalonia Suffers 'Worst Attacks' Since Franco Dictatorship: Peaceful Resistance Coming Up

Catalan president Carles Puigdemont delivered a scathing response to Mariano Rajoy’s article 155 declaration. He accused Rajoy of the worst tactics since Franco. Even the Mayor of Barcelona, who does not want independence points a finger at Rajoy. Puigdemont pledges peaceful resistance.

“What we decide through voting is to be wiped out by the government in their offices,” said Puigdemont. The Catalan parliament will hold an emergency session on “this attempt to destroy our autonomous government, our democracy”.

Widely believed rumors suggest the Catalan parliament will announce independence as soon as the Spanish Senate approves Rajoy's Article 155 declaration.

Rajoy's heavy handed tactics backfired.

“There could have been dialogue, instead we’ve got state intervention,” said Barcelona mayor Ada Colau. She did not back independence.

Carme Forcadell, president of the Catalan parliament, described Mr Rajoy’s measures as “a de facto coup d’etat”. Forcadell is of course correct.

Easily Answered Question

We already know the answer to that question: Yes, it did.

"Each step the Spanish Government is doing it turns more people to independence," says Elena Jimenez from Omnium Cultura, one of Catalonia's big pro-independence cultural organisations.

ABC News repeated the stale news we have heard so many times before: "Until this crisis erupted, polls showed about 70 per cent of Catalans wanted to vote in an independence referendum. But only 41 per cent were actually in favour of cutting ties with Spain.:

As with the Wall Street Journal yesterday, and at least a dozen other mainstream media references, no one bothered to link to the "recent poll" or even state the date of that poll.

Here's the deal: An actual vote, in which 92% voted for independence, supersedes any poll.

Real Questions

The "real question" is not whether or not government tactics backfired, but rather these:

  1. How will Madrid respond when the Catalonia parliament ignores Rajoy.
  2. How will Madrid respond when Catalans peacefully resist?
  3. What happens if Madrid forces a vote and the independence seekers win an even larger majority?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

No. 1-15

Mish, your point of view on the subject is openly biased. This is this third article in which you conclude questioning the "most recent polls" but bo zero due diligence on the voting results published by the Catalan leadership. How can you have people voting multiple times and not question their validity?

Regardless, the point is that Catalonia's leadership do not want dialogue, they want to be free from Spain's justice system since the majority of its leadership (Pujol, Mas, etc) have been caught red handed in corruption cases by asking for "3% donations" to their foundations to every company involved in public concession contracts. In Spain, going from middle class to becoming a millionaire because of your political power (through donations, foundations, money laundering, i.e. Hilary Clinton) is a serious chrime.


Rajoy has been planning this since 2010 when he torpedoed Catalonia agreement of the previous administration. Rajoy is now in phase 2 of his plan, suspending the constitution and expanding power with the blessing of the monarchy. Franco redux. When Catalonia falls, as seems likely given the superior forces Madrid can mobilize (EU, NATO), Rajoy is then on a trajectory to succeed Queen Merkel as the law-and-order leader of the EU. Rajoy is just warming up for his future EU leadership role enforcing law and order in the EU. Rajoy will be the hammer ramming immigration, trade and other EU policies and laws down the throats of the rebellious Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, etc. Sovereignty once relinquished is hard to regain. The stupidity of Europeans thinking they are still sovereign rather than mere provinces in the greater EU Empire is breathtaking. Rajoy will teach the EU rebels, even if means mobilizing NATO bombers like in Serbia, that they are all like Catalonians in their lack of autonomy. George Orwell’s book, “Homage to Catalonia” will enjoy a huge revival.


Agree with Dilbert, respectfully disagree with Mish. The government in Madrid are idiots but they are not tyrants. They have a large responsibility in this mess, for sure, and they will only make things worse with article 155. But the Catalan referendum was done with complete disregard of Catalan law (it's ok if they don't care for Spanish law) and it cannot be interpreted as a mandate the way secessionists are doing. The honorable thing to do would be for Puigdemont to call for an election within Catalonia NOW, which he is refusing to do because his best option is for things to get worse in order to rally more Catalans to his cause, if only because they are rightfully mad at Madrid and don't want to be seen as traitors. Madrid is being incredibly stupid and Catalonia is playing a dangerous game to distract from the fact that they did, quite unfortunately, take an enormous bailout from Madrid who in turn took it from Europe. They pay a lot of taxes but their bonds are junk and Madrid is their largest creditor. The fiscal mess is a direct product of the financial bubble and of the leaders of the Generalitat treating it like their own personal fiefdom, with levels of corruption that would make a 3rd world country blush (see Jordi Pujol). The EU does not want to touch that problem with a pole, it's too tricky. Not even Russia has meddled (and those who have read their history know that Russia was deeply involved in the Spanish Civil War). The starry-eyed "indepes" filling the streets believe the EU wants them as a separate state but cannot "say" it. Good luck with that. The only good option is a Catalan election. It's the one these secessionists cannot contemplate because it would expose them as stupid idealists at best and flat out liars at worst.


Oh Mish how mislead you are! Forcadell is a nationalist supremacist that made a coup d'etat one month ago, when approved a referendum law not following the rules of Catalonian parlament, with the support of 47% of the votes. ALL the leaders in Europe and the world are saying to catalonian that they are wrong, they are in path of disaster., but they don't hear anyone in their madness only following the anthem and the flag. Worst supremacist illusion since nazi's Germany.


Rajoy is finished politically.