Der Spiegel. How we got to the Iran failure.

He wanted to do everything differently, using deals instead of alliances, pressure instead of strategy. Donald Trump made a complete break with traditional U.S. foreign policy. He got rid of the experts in the State Department and discarded the tools of diplomacy --negotiations, trade-offs and the weighing of interests. The guiding principle was "disruption." Trump claimed that he could solve conflicts purely with his charisma and his imagination.

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William Janes
William Janes

I suppose the 2019 Mercedes CLS that the General in charge of Middle Eastern terrorist groups had on order has been canceled . Selling expensive luxury cars to Russian oligarchs, CCP elite, and Iranian ayatollahs seems Germany's No. I concern. There is no war, there will be no war, war is about holding or losing territory. The conflict continues. Persia desires disorder in the Middle East and uses religious rhetoric to increase disorder and eventual control. Look to the Qajar Dynasty (1789-1925) for the Ayatollahs true aim when the Ottomans and the Russians were their enemies and the Persians ruled in the Caucasuses, , Georgia, and parts of Iraq. Persia wants to reassert it power over the Middle East. Do you want to let them? Diplomacy is useless at this point, other than, how can we get the upper hand at this time?

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