Donald Trump of Europe Wins Czech Republic Election

Andrej Babis, a man dubbed as the Czech Donald Trump, crushed opposition and is now slated to become Prime Minister. Babis wants nothing to do with the euro, but he does want to stay in the EU. Anti-establishment or Eurosceptics parties took the top four spots in a huge smack at Brussels.

On Saturday, Babis’ ANO (Action for Dissatisfied Citizens party) took home a landslide victory in the Czech general elections with 29.6 percent of the votes, handing it 78 seats in the 200-seat lower house of parliament. Although the ANO didn’t win a majority, and will now have to form a coalition, the eastern European nation of 10.6 million is by many accounts now expected to shift to the Eurosceptic right.>

Babis, the second-richest man in the country with an estimated net worth of €3.48 billion, entered Czech politics five years ago when he founded his anti-establishment ANO party “to fight corruption and other ills in the country's political system" following a string of government scandals.

Although Babis insists he in no way plans for a “Czexit”, he has stated that the bloc “needs to reflect, to think about why Britain has chosen to leave it and stop talking about a two-speed Europe."

When it comes to Russia, Babis not only opposes sanctions but favors even more trade with Moscow.

Babis, who is often likened to US President Trump because of his personal characteristics, views on immigration and integration and his business background, dislikes the association. He says that although they might share the same views on a number of policies, he is a much better businessman than the American leader.

Instead, he prefers being compared with American billionaire Warren Buffet, saying that unlike Trump, he has never been bankrupt, doesn’t “collaborate with the mafia” and doesn’t have extramarital affairs.

Mainstream Parties Clobbered

In a huge blow to the EU political establishment, mainstream parties were crushed in the Czech Election Tally.

  1. Eurosceptic ANO - Action for Dissatisfied Citizens: 29.65%
  2. Eurosceptic ODS - Civic Democratic Party: 11.3%
  3. Pirate Party : 10.8%
  4. Anti-EU Freedom and Direct Democracy Party: 10.7%

The Social Democrats, the senior party in the outgoing government that won the 2013 election, came in fifth place with only 7.7 percent of the vote.

The Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia are fed up with immigration.

A number of countries including France, Greece, Hungary, and the Czech Republic want closer ties with Russia.

The EU is going to have its hands full for quite some time.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Joelg5's rant is unhinged and not based in reality. Rajoy will never have such power, as Spain is a peripheral state. The EU is run by Germany, and without Merkel's support it collapses. Which economy will dominate? The low-inflation, sub-5% unemployment Germany, or the med-flation, over-15% unemployment Spain? Hamburg's GDP alone is comparable to Spain's. Get real. The EU cannot just wave its magic wand and make the eurosceptics go away. Years of mismanagement and bureaucratic jackassery have left a lot of angry citizens. The EU will bomb nobody into submission, as such an effort will only speed its dissolution (you can practically see the headlines: "EU BOMBS ITSELF") .

I don't know what fantasy world you live in, Joelg5, but apparently it's one where "dumb bunnies" is an actual insult. What are you, 10?


“The Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia are fed up with immigration. A number of countries including France, Greece, Hungary, and the Czech Republic want closer ties with Russia.”

Tough luck for them all, as they will come up as empty as Catalonia. My prediction: Rajoy, who started his anti-Catalonia campaign and rise to Franco strongman status in 2010, will replace Merkel as de facto EU ruler by 2020. Rajoy will teach the Czechs, Poles, Hungarians, Slovaks, etc. the lesson of Catalonia. European race(s) are slow learners, and cling to old notions of national sovereignty that apply less and less as the EU gets stronger and stronger. The law of the EU Empire is the law, and Rajoy will make these dumb bunnies submissive to the laws of the EU Empire and disabuse them of their outdated notions of national sovereignty and autonomy. Even if it means bombing them into submission like Serbia. Europeans excel in barbarism, warfare and the creation of zero-tolerance (for dissent) totalitarian states.


"eventually socialists run out of other people's money. "

But when it is socialism for the rich and the corporations, money keeps flowing as the central banks owned by transnational corporations that also own the government, are happy to oblige,


I think all of this is going to proverbially blow up when mother Earth tells us that a consumption-based existence isn't sustainable. Look at the global population chart. It just isn't sustainable.


"Neoliberalism and Reaganomics/Thatcherism are dead, leaving behind billions of people in dire financial straits all over the world." Correlation is not causation. Sanders' Venezuela is dead. Thatcher was correct that eventually socialists run out of other people's money. I read in a story on Macron the other day that some 10,000 upper income people left France. Hollande had raised the top rate to 75%. That Prompted French Actor Gerarde Depardue (sp?) to move to Russia. A number of business people moved to Belgium.