Fake News from Newsweek: "Ivanka Trump Plagiarizes Her Own Speech"

In a nonsensical, fake news Tweet, Newsweek proves it does not understand what plagiarism is.

Plagiarism Definition

By definition, it is not possible to plagiarize your own speech.

Yet, here is the Tweet in all its glory.

I captured an image of the Tweet for posterity in case Newsweek deletes it. Note that over 400 people liked the Tweet.

Of course, some may have liked it simply because it shows unprofessional anti-Trump biased journalism in full blazing glory.

Now let's look at some responses.

Questions Arise

Can You Steal Your Own Car?

Newsweek Needs Writing Course

Mish Response

Understanding the News

How Will Newsweek Respond?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

No. 1-9

Newsweek = Time = Playskool News for infantile thinkers


"Just a mistake, innocent use of the wrong word. Not evidence of an anti-Trump bias. A waste of a post on this geo-politics, economics blog." Prove it was a mistake. The media hates Trump.


"Sorta scary that a news organization doesn't understand plagiarism. Makes you wonder what other aspects of journalism they do not properly grasp???" Aspects like reporting the truth. Journalism has become activism, which is why all the purposeful negative stories on Trump.


The fake legacy media in America is just the propaganda wing of the democrat party. They will look for ANYTHING to disparage Trump. Silly, made-up or fake. They will ignore anything against obama, Hillary and democrats until it is no longer possible to ignore. And then spin it in the best possible light.

For example - Anyone now notice after eight years obama - we now have a homeless problem again? And the press is reporting on deaths of the American military? Etc.


The news media have been completely overwhelmed by their partisanship. They simply cannot overcome their own narrow-minded need to be right and preach at all costs. Objectivity, that's only when you're not at "war".