Hungary's Anti-Immigration Leader Wins Super-Majority

It's not a good night for the "more Europe" philosophy as Hungary's Viktor Orban won reelection with a super-majority.

Hungary's prime minister Viktor Orban won reelection with a two-thirds majority. He is strongly anti-immigration. With a supermajority victory, Orban may seek constitutional reforms that will not go over well with the "more Europe" crowd.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary, who has set about transforming this former Soviet bloc member from a vibrant democracy into a semi-autocratic state under one political party’s control, appeared to have won a sweeping victory in national elections on Sunday, with 93 percent of the vote counted.

By securing two-thirds of the seats in Parliament, Mr. Orban’s Fidesz party — along with its ally, the Christian Democrats —— now has the power to change the Constitution and further bend the nation to his will.

Western officials view Mr. Orban’s style of government as a threat to values such as the rule of law and a free press.

Mr. Orban’s victory is likely to embolden other leaders who have used a similar playbook, including those in neighboring Poland, where the governing party has openly emulated his tactics.

Mr. Orban built his campaign on castigating Western nations as a hostile, multicultural force, where Muslim immigrants ran wild and where traditional family values were under constant assault.

Instead of looking to France or Germany for inspiration, Mr. Orban has talked fondly of the autocratic systems of Turkey and Russia.

Edit Zgut, a foreign-policy analyst at Political Capital, a research organization based in Budapest, said Mr. Orban had proved effective at channeling public anger. Among the most frequent targets of Mr. Orban’s scorn has been George Soros, the American billionaire and philanthropist who was born in Hungary.

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Regardless of whatever else you may think about Orban, anyone running on an anti-George-Soros platform cannot be all bad.

And, if you are wondering whom to credit for Orban's huge victory, please turn to Germany and thank Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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The vote in Hungary is more proof that populism has been on a tear the last several years altering how events are being framed. In truth, the subject of globalization is made up of many threads interwoven in a complex way. The discussion often extends into several issues and is not limited to free trade. Other social concerns also feed into the mix, things like immigration, human rights, global warming, nationalism, inequality, even population growth. The political impact on all these issues, in the end, affect how countries view the world and their foreign policy. More on this subject in the article below.


Interesting article but still am wondering where the actual end result of free trade vs fair trade vs protectionism will fall. I suspect the truth will be somewhere in the middle of all. In theory there is no difference between practice and theory but in practice there is. The textbooks say free trade is always of benefit to the economy and if one country engages in protectionism it will hurt them in the long run.


Let me analyze it from the anti-migration angle. The second place, with around 20% of votes went to the Jobbik party which is uniformly labeled far-right by the dear media. They wouldn't be any softer on immigration. The Socialist party, that would be welcome into the warm bosom of Brussels won 11%.


Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for everyone IS White Genocide.
Its a crime, not a policy option.


The problem with immigration (both legal and illegal) in the world is it is NOT evenly distributed. If you looked down from a high level, you see all the immigrants the past 50 years really going to only a few regions of the world (USA, Western Europe, Canada, and somewhat Aus, NZ). Basically all Caucasian majority western democracies. Immigrants are not going in large numbers to China, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, etc... Basically everyone is piling on a FEW regions of the world! And if the citizens of those countries DARE raise an objection to the mass immigration they are called racists, xenophobes, white supremacists and all kinds of nasty names. This is REDICULOUS! It would be one thing if there was a movement of immigrants equally around the world, but there is NOT!!! Every immigrant is PILING into white western democracies and dramatically altering the racial, cultural and political make up of these nations literally overnight! KUDO's to Orban for having the courage to stand up to this! He is a HERO!