Intercept Political Idiocy: "Unclear Whether Trump is Foreign Agent"

I thought the Russian collusion madness had long ago reached a peak. I was wrong.

Intercept writer James Risen asks "Is Donald Trump a traitor?"

I FIND IT hard to write about Donald Trump.

It is not that he is a complicated subject. Quite the opposite. It is that everything about him is so painfully obvious. He is a low-rent racist, a shameless misogynist, and an unbalanced narcissist. He is an unrelenting liar and a two-bit white identity demagogue. Lest anyone forget these things, he goes out of his way each day to remind us of them.

At the end of the day, he is certain to be left in the dustbin of history, alongside Father Coughlin and Gen. Edwin Walker. (Exactly – you don’t remember them, either.)

What more can I add?

Unfortunately, another word also describes him: president. The fact that such an unstable egomaniac occupies the White House is the greatest threat to the national security of the United States in modern history.

Which brings me to the only question about Donald Trump that I find really interesting: Is he a traitor?

Did he gain the presidency through collusion with Russian President Vladimir Putin?

One year after Trump took office, it is still unclear whether the president of the United States is an agent of a foreign power. Just step back and think about that for a moment.

Most pundits in Washington now recoil at any suggestion that the Trump-Russia story is really about treason. They all want to say it’s about something else – what, they aren’t quite sure. They are afraid to use serious words. They are in the business of breaking down the Trump-Russia narrative into a long series of bite-sized, incremental stories in which the gravity of the overall case often gets lost. They seem to think that treason is too much of a conversation-stopper, that it interrupts the flow of cable television and Twitter. God forbid you might upset the right wing! (And the left wing, for that matter.)

But if a presidential candidate or his lieutenants secretly work with a foreign government that is a longtime adversary of the United States to manipulate and then win a presidential election, that is almost a textbook definition of treason.

Traitor? Foreign Agent? Treason?

It's easy to make a case that Trump is a liar and a narcissist. Traitor? Agent of a foreign power? Treason?

Risen is delusional. He needs a new career. He would fit right in with the Washington Post or CNN. Perhaps he can get together with Michael Moore and do a movie.

The again, I shouldn't suggest such things. The Washington Post and CNN need cleansing, not bigger political nut cases.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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The Intercept is the biggest hit or miss publisher. Glenn Greenwald is great but it’s also populated by raving liberals.


We should not to get too upset with these guys and their outlandish statements. Pretty much everything that can be said about President Trump has already been said. So here's a guy who's sniffing around for a new angle and a novel way to be provocative. While one can never be sure such idiocy won't catch on, it's probably pretty unlikely. I would hate to have to earn my living writing stories about President Trump. Almost as bad as being a member of the US House of Representatives.




But this kind of drivel continues to be so popular with the democrats and never-Trumpers, so they keep writing it. The more preposterous the better. It's like a drug for these people. They just can't get enough of it.


They've finally formed a circular firing squad; Feed them ammo: Hey James, I heard Trump's gardner was seen talking to a local guy whose grandmother spoke Russian. Looks rotten to me; a good journalist could pull the string and unravel this one for a Pulitzer...