"Jacindamania": Labor Takes Over New Zealand, New Gov't Blasts Capitalism, Promises to End Poverty

Ah yes, a pledge to end poverty. Where have we heard that before? The latest promise comes from Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand's newest prime minister. Labor came in 2nd place in the Sept 23 election but a coalition of Greens and NZ First led to the minority Labour-led government yesterday.

'I've Got What it Takes ' says Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand's newest prime minister.

Then a quick blast at capitalism and a promise to end childhood poverty, she proves she doesn't. Regardless, here are the numbers that put Ardern in charge.

Jacinda Ardern has said she is “privileged and humbled” to become New Zealand’s next prime minister 26 days after the country’s electorate cast their votes.

At an eagerly awaited press conference on Thursday, the kingmaker Winston Peters announced that his New Zealand First party would throw its support behind Ardern’s Labour party.

This will allow Labour to form a coalition government with NZ First, along with the backing of the Green party, which means Ardern, 37, becomes New Zealand’s third female prime minister.

After an agonizing day of waiting Peters announced he would support Labour because the global environment was undergoing rapid and seismic change, and he believed a Labour government was best-placed to handle the social and economic welfare of New Zealanders.

“For too many New Zealanders capitalism has not been their friend but their foe, ” Peters said, claiming vulnerable New Zealanders had been left behind while the political elite got richer.

Ardern said Peters was considering whether to accept the role of deputy prime minister, which she had offered him.


Her personal popularity and the huge crowds she drew around the country was hailed “Jacindamania”, and she was compared to rock-star politicians such as Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau.

A Labour government has pledged to wipe out child poverty, make tertiary education free, reduce immigration by 20,000-30,000, decriminalise abortion, introduce a water tax and make all rivers swimmable within 10 years.

Promise of Free Stuff

On January 8, 1964, president Lyndon Johnson declared an Unconditional War on Poverty. As everone knows, Johnson did not end poverty and the bill is still mounting.

With “Jacindamania”, we have yet another politician promising "free stuff". Just wait till the bill comes in.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

No. 1-21

I hate to break it to everyone, but Capitalism is on they way out. I'm not sure where we are heading.


I think we should teach this lesson in school: The only person interested in you is yourself. If you are poor, only you can pull yourself out of poverty. Nobody else has any incentive to fix your issues. Corollary: beware of any fraudster wanting to fix your problem.


If you read the NZ Herald newspaper, you would see how socialist the commentary in NZ has become.


"On January 8, 1964, president Lyndon Johnson declared an Unconditional War on Poverty. As everone (sic) knows, Johnson did not end poverty and the bill is still mounting."

The poverty rate was near 20% in 1964. By the early 1970s, it had gone down to below 12%. After trickle-down started, it started going up and has been hovering around 15% since.


Trickle-down economics will end poverty. Ah, where have we heard THAT before?!