Million+ Rally to Free Catalan Political Prisoners; Spain Blames Russia, Assange, Snowden

100% of the blame for the crisis in Catalonia goes to prime minister Mariano Rajoy. From start to finish the prime minister made error after error. Rather than admit the obvious, Madrid blames Russia. Tonight a million+ rally is underway to free Catalan politicl prisoners.


Spain’s struggle to quash separatism in its Catalonia region was disrupted by Russian hackers agitating for a break-up, in a hallmark propaganda effort to fracture Europe, according to a government-backed research institute in Madrid.

The unidentified Russians spread both true and false messages on Facebook and Twitter during the illegal separatist referendum on Oct. 1, according to Mira Milosevich, a senior analyst at the Elcano Royal Institute. The “dezinformatsiya” campaign deployed trolls, bots and fake accounts, and was backed by intense coverage from Russia’s state-supported television, she said.

The most significant comments spread on Twitter and Facebook came from WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange and government-secrets leaker Edward Snowden, Milosevich said, particularly that the “banana republic” of Spain used violence to suffocate a democratic vote. The comments “were retweeted and shared on Facebook by trolls and bots,” she said.

For his Twitter profile photo, Assange is using a shot of Spanish riot police, clad in black protective gear, with one of them swinging his baton.

Political Prisoners

Russian Bots in Collusion with Assange and Snowden?

What is it that Assange or Snowden said that isn't true? What fake images did either post?

Sounds like "Dezinformatsiya" (government propaganda) to me.

Best wishes to the Catalan Independence Movement.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock


Rebellion? Sedition? Give me a break


The Catalonia question has more twists than a Netfilx series. Now we know for sure (although it was suspected from statements by Urkullu and Forcadell), that in the minutes of the declaration of independence the Parliament made it very clear that the resolution had no legal effect. They made it clear that they were only voting for the "dispositions" of the proclamation, not the "preamble" (the declaration of independence was in the preamble") and to make doubly sure that the dispositions had no legal effect. This is where Forcadell's defense came from, when she told judges that the declaration of independence had been "symbolic". She knew, because she signed the minutes. Lovely. I don't think you can keep anyone in jail too long for just a symbolic gesture.


Well, everyone is going to vote on December 21. As of today (and things change every day), it looks like Junts pel Si has imploded and ERC (the party of vicepresident Junqueras, who is in jail) should get the most votes. Today, the spokesman for ERC said that they "are not ready to develop the republic" in the face of opposition from Madrid. On the other hand, it looks like Ciudadanos (against independence) is shooting up and Podemos is crumbling. It also looks like the jailed members of the Catalan government could be freed, which would be a great thing, but you never know with Madrid. There are so many readjustments going on that it is impossible to say what alliances would have to be made in order to have a viable govern, unless ERC totally wipes out everyone else, which is not yet in the cards.


There are many "useful idiots" that work in govt or are dependent on unsustainable govt handouts, contracts, and funding. Their self-serving belief (wanting something to be true) that other people's money can be endlessly tapped ignores that fact that capital can flee at the push of a button and tax payers will move when govt oppression shows no sign of stopping. Since govt's never look in the mirror and proactively reform, the crash and burn contagion will spread from the periphery to the core. And yes, the "useful idiot" that think they are insiders and safe will be the first to be sacrificed by the establishment, as the Saudi wealthy elite that were arrested and had their wealth confiscated can testify.