No. 1-2

It seems as though you read the first sentence of each bullet point and inferred, based on what's been in the news, what the rest said.

Firstly, there are certainly dems going insane over the supreme court nomination, but far fewer than many of Trumps nominations for other positions which indicates, to me at least, that the majority is looking for a reasonable compromise.

In terms of North Korea, Trump did do something that no president had ever done before, but not for lack of opportunity. Under the guidance of the cabinet and other high level advisers, past presidents have refrained from allowing Kim the public stage because the United States' foreign policy has long been a stance of "we do not negotiate with terrorists." Trump ignored the same advice that other presidents got, went in and made and received promises for actions that were not consistent with America's best interests and even still they are not being held up on either side. Not only does that weaken America's ability to negotiate in the future (because Kim can point to a specific legitimate instance that we made promises which we did not keep), but it potentially worsens our current situation because Kim is notoriously far from cool-headed, and from his perspective he has been wronged.

Soy farmers? Dairy Farmers? Sure, nothing is ever perfect, but the trade challenges they are facing now are unprecedented and unnecessary. That is not another day in the life of any president, it is another day in the life of Trump. And although none of his actions seem particularly unpredictable in the scope of things at this point, that is only the case because Americans have grown used to this constant barrage of unpredictability.

I'm not sure what you mean by no one cared about migrant children under Obama. It is true that his immigration policies were some of the most scrupulous we have seen in recent history, but he never did anything comparable to separating children from their parents for extended periods of time without any plan to reunite them.

Again, in terms of Mueller I don't fully understand your position. How is the conviction of 6 criminals and the indictments of 15 more a "big nothing burger?". These are people close to the Trump campaign who willfully broke the law - in many cases for the express purpose of aiding the Trump campaign. And why is the millions of dollars spent on arresting criminals somehow more significant and offensive than the hundreds of millions spent on Trump's golfing trips?

Despite our disagreement on all of these individual points, the overarching message of the article was that whether or not every single one of these events was inherently bad, conversation about them was largely overstepped. Whether or not we agree, I can hardly see how the lack of conversation about what COULD be serious issues would be in the best interest of the public.


Looks like an ordinary list of stuff that any president would have to handle on a daily basis.

Supreme Court? Trump picks someone. The dems go insane. Either that person gets confirmed or not. If not - five democrat senators from Red States are that much closer to losing their seats. Trump tries again with more republican senators in the January.

North Korea? Trump had a sit-down summit with North Korea with a path forward. Infinitely more than Bush, obama or Clinton EVER DID. We will see where it goes but at least something close to progress was made.

Soy farmers? Dairy farmers? Chicken farmers? There is always something. Just another day in a life of a president.

Migrant children? Nobody cared under obama. Judges don't make immigration law (per the SCOTUS). There are a dozen consulates spread all over Mexico where people can apply for asylum without being separated from their children. But they wouldn't be able to scam a free pass into the country and go to the head of the line that way like in the past administration.

Mueller? Nobody cares. After two years and millions of dollars spent - a big nothing burger. But, but....Russia!