Let's review and reinforce the healthy steps that parents can take to help their kids to grow up financially literate.

The best way to make sure that your kids understand the reality that Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees is to put them on an allowance and to teach them how to budget their money. These lesson will last for a lifetime...even for a knight!

No one gets a “free ride” in life and by giving your kids an allowance you are teaching them the “work for pay” principle. Your child’s allowance is tied to chores and will show the relationship between work (chores) and money (allowance), clearly an important concept.

Not only will the child someday work for money, but earning an allowance will underscore the fact that you, the parent, work hard for your money, too.

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A lesson they will carry with them for live but you also have mentioned in some of your books that there are chores you get paid for and then there are tasks children have to do and do not get paid for how do you differentiate?


Funny. I want a knight too!

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