Dorthe Tate of Freedom From Fistula Interviewed on Radio 103.9 New York


In this video clip, Dorthe Tate of the Freedom From Fistula USA Foundation discusses how her organization locates the women they serve, who have been ostracized and disowned by people in their villages due to the embarrassing and unsanitary results of having an obstetric fistula. The interview, conducted by Freedom From Fistula Gala Chair, Natalie McKenzie, will appear on Radio 103.9 New York on Toya Beasley's InTouch show.

Freedom From Fistula's mission is to end obstetric fistula with the life-saving surgeries they fund and their commitment to supporting, and empowering, the women they serve. Stay tuned for the full interview air date and visit for more information. The organization is also generating funds via their #FreedomKiss campaign at in advance of their inaugural FFF Gala on September 23, 2019.

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How do we bring more light to this subject. This shouldn't exist today.


I have never been so moved a story, thank you for caring.