Neale Godfrey's Allowance System Tutorial

Empower your children by teaching earning, saving, spending, and giving. Create a financially responsible child!

A foolproof method for teaching children to be wise about money, from Neale S. Godfrey, author of *Money Doesn’t…

This is the system I devised when I first began working with kids and families, and it has caught on with parents and financial counselors all across the country. With good reason — it really works! Routines, if they’re started when your kids are young, stay with them all their lives. You don’t have to explain to little kids why they have to brush their teeth, and you don’t have to explain to them why their first allowance money, and all their subsequent allowance money, goes into four jars (you can use envelopes or pouches or boxes or even bank accounts, but see through jars are excellent visual aids, especially at first).

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